I Have A Heart-On For You

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Im feeling my oats, and missing my man... I cant tell him enough of how I feel for him...The distance is killing me...but never the love....

Submitted: July 29, 2007

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Submitted: July 29, 2007



When I hear from you,

It sets my heart afire.

The feelings get going,

Ahh, the feelings of desire.


Nothing else matters,

To me or anyone else.

The affection I feel,

Is just a little too much real.


Is it ok with you if I love you so much?

I can’t help how my heart goes wild over you.

It’s just the way I turned out feeling,

I’m not looking for a deal.


I’m just looking for some loving touches,

Some attention, feelings and a little love.

Why does my lover have to be so far?

Just come by and get me by my britches.


I’m feeling so passionate with my feelings for you,

Touch it, feel it, for its all so strong.

Someday, I just know that it will happen,

You and Me, Me and You.


Don’t fight it, embrace it,

Love me to the bitter end.

I’m not going anywhere,

I feel that you would end up missing me a bit.


The time I’ve been waiting,

Doesn’t seem like so much.

But all this no mating I am so hating,

That maybe you feel the same way, I have a hunch.


It's a world of surprises,

Someday, it will unfold.

Meanwhile, Im happy,

And waiting for the ending.


Or is a beginning?

Of something very sweet.

I feel it in my heart,

All the way down to my feet.


If you cant love me right this moment,

I will be around later when you can.

Your worth the wait, my heart so says,

You want me in your life, because I'm your biggest fan.


Love me, hold me, take me in your arms,

Wrap me around, like a crawling vine.

Dont ever let go, because I never will,

Stay in my life, because I think your so mine.


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