Your my passion....

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Im just in love, it lifts me off the ground...........

Submitted: May 30, 2007

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Submitted: May 30, 2007



Do you know you make me happy?

Something about you that I do love.

Could it be that gentle smile,

Or the kind blue eyes up above?


I think it’s the person that you have always been,

The strong, the driven, the motivated one.

Your stronger than you think you are,

On that . you will go so far.


You get things done in a orderly fashion,

Its a lot of work, but I think its your passion.

Passion is what I feel for you,

Its strong and deep, can you feel it?


My love for you I just cant measure,

You cant put it in a cup, or measure it with a tape.

I just keep still and everyone can notice,

How my feet don’t touch when I think of you.


In your thoughts, I want to be there,

Because I really feel you do care.

I wouldn’t be here if I thought any different,

So, don’t ever leave me, for I will be lost.


I have faith in you,

For my love is true.

Why are you still here?

I think you just love me too.


I will never give up on you

Im like the eternal flame.

Dont blow me out,

Or blow me off.


I want to dance in the fire with you.

You'll never get burned when your with me.



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