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This a conversational poetry. I hope you will enjoy this style as much as I am enjoying it. you are free to interpret them in the way you want. They are 6 poems in one. have a good time as you are reading.

Submitted: February 17, 2012

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Submitted: February 17, 2012



ostrich part one:


As I wondered my feathers

among the winds and gravity force

I heard a beast,a roaring lion

'You are my dinner tonight'


my feet were strong to walk

my fears a stone to my heart

I hit the road yet heat unbearable

two options yet one head


Many rocks and sand near sea

I couldn't swim, yet the only road

I hid my eyes in the very cold sand

the lion hurt me, but I dint watch



 ostrich part 2

It was on a rising sun,beautiful day.

far from where my eyes could reach,

a big lion singing a victorious song

'I broke your bones, hid your codes'


Was I a computer,him a programmer?

I used my heart to scream

how has that fooled the fool,

and hid my eyes from seeing a coffin!


Many wounds,unbearable sufferings

broken bones,broken feathers

in the sea, how can I be wet and survive?

What a least problem yet only option!


I lived many cold and quiet nights

sweet stars, the moon so bright

I started to forget the face of a lion

here I stand, waters knew the direction.


 ostrich-part 3:


Too many days, and years

I heard a lion still sings

'I killed it,bathed its blood,

without it,my land wears no insult.'


The song forced a dead to smile

fused my fears,yet how many miles?

was I to fly back and change lyrics?

In foreign lands too much to learn.

I wrote him a letter,few words

'I am alive, foreigners love me

they learn what my hands can

imbecile's capability is also a lesson.

My letter teared down a lion

'how will I fly without wings,

I have to kill it before it brags,

eliminate it before it reports.'

money is all, yet fence was strong

He roared,my voice was heard

after many years, I fled again

That's the birth of your history.


To ostrich part 4: as long as you understand your origin

Today and many more days to come

You are among other birds of the world

The blend, the new songs and food

Easy to forget your original colour

You may say ’my origin can’t matter ’

Yet who you are,planted you there

Among  those peregrine falcons,

You may be a cause of questions ,

As You fly beautifully low and slow.

They may be a wish to your life,

While you are questioning their speed!

If at all no answers arise on your lips

Dig , answers are in your history .


Dear mother part 1:  My titled mother.


Trees so tall, forest so quiet

Here I am, a wind so slow

I am enjoying , it is a blast

To me , are you  a blessing?

But yes, ’motherless’  is a bliss

Without me, how can you cry?

You let  a wind  teach me how to  fly

With no you, I proudly can try

Dear mother  part 2: ( describes  life abroad)

At me , they seriously stare

Asking , they innocently dare

At work, they constaly glare

They are my beautifull daymare

And you are my lovely nightmare

Me losing identity is your care?

My rights, should I declare?

Your remind  is  my  curare.

In your heart, am I insnared?

Need a  break, you drive me insane


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