I Hope You Remember

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A letter for the guy once i have loooved the most..

I hope, one day, you'll remember the times you had me between your arms when i was crying because of personal problems.

I hope you’ll remember the times when the phrase "I love you" was abused(to the both of us at least) and seemed endless.

I hope you’ll remember the things i've written on the letter i gave you during our graduation night.

When you pass everything, earn the right career and jug your own problems, I hope you'll realize how difficult it was for me to have overcame the stress so I could look strong and that you’d look up to me, to learn how to be reasonable enough to my parents so we could go out, and to know how hard it was to learn how to manage my allowance (when I've never had any prior experience in proper handling/saving up budget) so we can have enough cash on hand to be able to be with each other with limited time. I did all that because I want you to have valid reasons to believe that you have found in me a wonderful girlfriend back then.

When you grow old with your wife, I hope you'll know that despite feeling tired from everything and lack of rest, you'd talk in the middle of silence and you'll tell me how wonderful you are to have me and plant a small kiss on my forehead, nose and lips after making love, (in correct order) because even though i'm just within you arms-length, you still missed me.

When you grow old with your family, I hope you'll know that I tried to be the best person that I could be- which is still a developing process -so that I can set an example (limit hanging out and stop being happy go lucky).

I hope one day you'll know that after months of saving up for a particular dreams- one that I've wanted in so longgg -I saved some amount in my wallet instead of buying things i wanted so that when you needed money i have something to give you. Because I don't need any other form of luxury or anything that would make me look better, when I've got you.

When you reach the top of your many dreams, I hope one day you'll remember the faces of the people who have supported us during our darkest hours (WHEN WE WERE STILL A COUPLE) - Desiree, who helped us make up stories so we can go out. My mom, who once became your "feeling-fan" who would always remind me that i must learn how to appreciate things before it's over. our friends, Miss Anne, Jane, Jonathan, Recz and the closest to me, Dennis, who moved Heaven and Earth just to help us talk and settle things and in so many instances, became that one bright spot of light at the end of a really dark tunnel.

When you fall down and think that everything’s a mess (and I’m wishing you won’t), I hope you'll know that I will be that one person who will always be a step behind you so if you fuck up in the future, I'll be able to catch you before you hit the ground and I promise I'll do my best to comfort you.

On my end, I'll always remember the first time I heard you singing, it was getting dark and you skipped your prayer just to be with me along the coverdwalk and sung IKAW LAMANG by Gary Valenciano(Philippine Artist), then you held my hands and said "THANK YOU for taking time to be with me" that was years ago. I remember you were wearing the black clerical dat day. Don’t worry if you don’t remember because I know I was the one whois very particular with such event like that.

I'll always remember the times when Julius and I talked about you and I told him I like you and his reaction was (really? I didn't notice that. Good for you.) but I know he was lil disappointed about it bcoz I know he likes me as much as you do.

I’ll always remember the daym I gave you a letter that says (YES, WE ARE ON) - THAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST WONDERFUL FEELING THEN AND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS "REALLY??" then you smile and wish to run and shout to let them know.. " Dianne is now my girlfriend, Finally she's mine" until letters from me became your collection.

Hope you'll always remember the support, care and love I have given you. I can’t think of any singing contest(within the school) that I wasn't there on yer bench. I was always there, patiently waiting for you to come and say "Thank you, the song is for you." And I have to skip meal for me to be able to buy you yer Jolibee Spaghetti and burger..

I’ll always remember the battles we went through. We had a lot of unforgetable moments. But the best for me was the first date. You stood up, held my hands and delivered a song that made me cry for being so happy for what's been happening. You gave me a bottle of water and then hugged me. We sat, kissed for a minute and laugh after for being so "KORNY"(suuppeeer but so happy).

After that we rode on a tricycle and went at San Antonio Beach. We let the waves witnessed our love for each other. Your right arm was over my shoulder and the other one was on my belly and I remember you saying "I want you to be the mom of my kids". Ugh.. Funny how things turned out huh. I guess we can’t always get what we want no matter how bad we want them…

I’ll always remember lunches we had at Daungan and noodles at Tentens (you know what I’m talking about.) I truly miss those days...

I'll always remember the day I rode on a jeep with you and Recz on yer way to Jct. Luna to get a bus heading Ilocos.. On our way home, I fell asleep and before we reached our house I woke up, you gave me a kiss and said "just sleep we are still kilometers away,I love you". and everybody was looking at us...

I'll always remember the mixed set of feelings and emotio I felt when I was with you. During those days, I discovered the real meaning of love (Korny it may seem but it's a fact). We didn’t spend much time being friends before we became a couple, but I knew then that I had to KEEP you and that I already LOVED you, and despite the uncertain future, you were going to have the best relationship I could give you.(but i failed, and i am sorry)

I'll always remember the songs i composed and let you sing it over and over again. You're one of those rare blessings that come only once or twice in life- and that's why I want to remember everything, every little thing about you because soon you'll be having a wife and wonderful kids and forget the precious moments we've had together.

I am sorry for everything I've done that hurt you..
I hope she could give you the love I was not able to give you..
Thank you so much for everything..
I will always keep those memories I had with you and I will never forget you..

Submitted: April 01, 2011

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