A time to share

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For all of my friends, I hope all the links work

Thank you all, Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011



Time to share

Dear friends Christmas is upon us. Last Christmas was the best Christmas ever, everything appeared to have come together. But it was just a mirage, a tease of what could be. Shortly after that my life was violently (not physically) turned upside down. And I have to confess many times I had thought it best to leave this place, to save face, not to lose grace. But I have 2 wonderful children, a brother, a father and his wife, my business partner and a few others. The ones who know my entire story, they have been truly supportive. They all love me deeply and whatever my future brings I know they will stand by my side. So when I hit rock bottom and I feel there is nowhere left to go. I think of the pain I would cause them if I was to give up, that gives me the drive to carry on.

Then there is this place. I cannot under state the difference this makes, the difference you all make! You have listened to my cries and my questions why, and shared with my sadness and of course with my gladness, with my merriment and mirth, my memories and my imagination. You have shared and compared, taken what has been offered and given in return. I have taught and I have learned. Leaned on and been leaned on! You all may be spread about this earth but your minds, your souls, your thoughts are so close, so real, so addictive in their appeal, it is surreal. I adore you all, I might even use love at least bordering on that. Certainly if I gather all your mind flowing qualities and bundle them together, all your words of encouragement, advise, humour, kindness, empathy, friendship it feels like love, perhaps not as individuals would you admit to such a sentiment of someone you don’t know but as a group for sure, I feel loves flow. And I can say hand on heart I can say the flow is in reverse. I love you all as a whole.

I thank you all this festive time. Best Christmas wishes to you and your loved ones to those who celebrate this time. For those that do not, then just thank you so much, your time you have spent in lifting my mood and giving me room to vent, below are my gifts Christmas or not, Just little something to say thanks a lot!

And of course unwrap each other’s gifts

Alicat216 (TC)

For you I give you this little song

Your enthusiasm for life has me singing along




Soft in word and soft sound

Encouragement through you I have found

Sometimes erotic, never neurotic

Always a joy to have around.



Gideon Elrod

A conundrum you are

Sometimes I feel you from afar

Am I in our out of favour?

Your views and comments I savour

Your social conscious I admire

I swear I am no liar

You’re a person’s or people glue

That’s why we all stick with you

You pull us all together

Our emotions you do tether

So here’s my gift to you


Yeap, you got it, it’s a pot of glue.



Fairly new on my scene

You bring calmness where turmoil has been

If I got squashed by a giant frog

I’d come back as your dog

Okay, I could have put drowned in a bog

Or fell hard of a log

But the point is you’re soothing

Your poetry moving




You have inner beauty and grace

In my heart you have a special place

For you I offer you a favourite thing

They are like you, they force back winter

And give HOPE, you are my early spring



With your poems as smooth as Harveys Bristol Cream

flowing like a great river scene

If I had a log cabin and a big fire

Two pens and some paper

And poetry to sire

A moment or two

I would share with you

A warm gift waits

If this link does not break




You visit but once in a while

But when you do your poetry smiles

A pirate at heart I know you be

I hope my little present is more HA HARR! Than he he

So here on your plate I leave you some pieces of eight




You are a special kind

Thoughtful worldly and kind

A life of experience

To pass it on is common sense

You stories here are so dear

Let me say it loud and clear

Your writing is of great quality

On my list of favourites you are loyalty

Here, use this on all your work

It will remind others why they lurk



Attanasio (Obi)

Has there ever been a wiser being

A man who true nature we are seeing

A man with a heart as big as a whale

On the sea of life his frigate sails

A lesson we must learn when we fail

In the bilges of life he will join us, his bucket to bail

What can I give to a man who loves life?

A man who loves people and is at one with his wife!

It is such a tough call, I have no clue at all

What do you give a man who has everything he needs?

Just this.

A promise to learn from his life and strive to succeed!

Nothing for you to open here my friend, just my heart.



His master plan

in being the real man

Is simple to see

and envious to me

He is a family man

And lives the very best that he can.

A builder by trade

Here, words he has laid

Our days he had made

We know he likes a beer

So yule tide he will cheer

So I offer a toast

To Bob a mans of feelings

Hicup! Man, I’m plastered

Like one of his ceilings.

Don’t get too carried away

With your gift Christmas day

There is turkey to put out on the plate

So don’t make your family wait



Mike Stevens

He is a real mate

A guy who I realty rate

Life is tough for him we know

But still humours seeds he does sow

Poking fun at his lot

With is Placard plot

His mix of deep emotional feelings and comedy

Like Martin and Candy

He gets me right there

In my heart once of despair

like a brother to me now, no word of a lie

This Mike Stevens..is one hell of a Swell Guy!

Pull this cracker with me, go on try it

The downside is YOU have to buy it




Last but not least

At my half boiled poetic feast

Our striped orange and black cat

We often wonder what planet he is at

But if he was not here

We would miss him I fear

So what do you get for a chap in an unusual corner?

Simple, a row full of comma’s


To use as he seam fit

That’s the last of my bit


All that is left to do

is to wish all of you

all that I have missed

those who I ran out of time for my list

Good health

A little wealth

And thank you

For being here.

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