Court Jester

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This is for Magic Mike and anyone who wants to let him know he is a possitive force in all our lives

Thanks Mike your a swell guy!

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



In the court of King John

Mike Stevens could do nothing wrong

A jester by nature

He knew just how to slate ya


But more often than not

His humour hit the spot

The ladies he did please

Never used a line of sleaze


A self-defacing quip

His style of hit

But too much putting himself down

Made king John deeply frown


It’s fun for a while

But the king you should not rile

See Mike he did respect

More than mike did expect


March that fool to the tower

Demanded the king his face sour

Let him sit and stew

And wonder what to do


Less than an hour passed

Before Mike tried the clasp

The door swung open

The lock must be broken


Stumbling down the stairs

Into the great hall unaware

Of the throng of bodies within

King John has summoned for him


Mad as a hatter

Mike he did chatter!

About to blow his top

About to lose the plot!


King John he did spy

And gave the evil eye.

And at the top of his voice he did power

Lock me in the tower, HA! I broke out in an hour!


Then it dawned on him

King John has sucked him in

What is the court without its jester?

A comical-less vista


The king took out his sword

And to the sound of applause

Knighted the joker

The peoples delighter


Arise Sir Mike Stevens

Our lives you make pleasin

With your fun and your wit

Please never quit


Else it won’t be King John and the tower

 It’ll be us with a flower

Stay positive and assertive

Don’t make us insert it!

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