shot through the eye of the needle

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poetic gibberish , a slice of my life, a meandering tale

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013





Shot through the eye of the needle or, a million different ways to say the same thing


that was going to be the name of the book

it seemed impossible to start at the beginning, so i decided to start in the middle and work my way out in all directions at once.

Snaking off in many directions into the abyss

along the way i met you,

our paths seemed to intersect over and over, you were a strange and beautiful creature.


shuffle the deck i heard someone say, and it sounded like a good idea at the time, the same old games, and i'm hoping for a different outcome, 

and i cant tell how far away i am anymore, and i don't seem to care if i'm lost, and the knots inside me have loosened as i cease to struggle against them.


so i was recruited to work in the far northern mountains of the Yukon, "become a bushman, it will be good for you" they said, and i did tend to agree.

long days and nights with no darkness, climbing up hills and mountainsides , weighed down with the weight of the world on my back and everyday the weight seemed less heavy.

and my beard grew long and full.


"tough or careful" my dad used to say to me, and so i decided to become both.

push myself and push some more, no sympathy needed or wanted.

becoming a man is not inevitable , but something that must be earned and maintained.


"drink a little wine and eat a few mushrooms", a voice inside of me said, and it seemed a sensible thing to do at the time. as the walls and ceiling pulsed and bled, and i hated and loved everything all at once.

it was revealed to me that the energy of the universe travels in waves. you can ride them or be swept along by them.

so i rode the waves and they threw me down and i was swept along and i was smashed against rocks and dragged through the mud. i wished for death but it wouldn't come. i had to ride it out and it was so.


"how about another beer?" the bartender asked me as i sat on the barstool at the end of the bar.


yes yes thats the ticket

you old dog! you rat! you snake! you mule!

" how did we make it this far?" i asked him


he laughed and poured me a watered down beer into a dirty glass

"somebody must be pulling for us" he replied

and i was engulfed by a cloud of drunkenness.


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