flying fox (its the boyfriend)

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amy's dream has come true but is it really what she wants or a nightmare (this is the sceond part to flyingfox)

Submitted: August 05, 2011

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Submitted: August 05, 2011



The teacher, Mr Packer calls out with his microphone voice “line up in two lines then the bus driver will take your bags”. It was time to go home I couldn’t let go of his hand I was holding on so tight this is what I wanted Jake Smith holding my hand not Lilly Goldman or Tasha Lakes the popular girls not them my hand Amy Jackson and one day it could be Amy Smith. The last name any girl at my school would love they all dream of because he is the cutest guy in the place and my dream was coming true. The bus driver took our bags and we walked on. Me Jake sat together and his friend sat the opposite of him. His name is Tommy brown biggest school bully if it wasn’t for him I would have had friends and may even been out with Jake sooner .Tommy tried to whisper into Jakes ear but I could hear him “what you doing with that, she is ugly and no one likes her “I dropped jakes hand and jumped up to climb over to the next seats but I felt a pull on my leg and I turned “ don’t listen to him  he has never had a girlfriend” then I see Jake reach out and het Tommy in the knee Tommy run to the back of the bus and starts to talk about Jake and me behind .I could feel Jake getting angry I told him “don’t listen to them” we both laughed it off . He turned and gave them a look, they stop and Jake turned back and he said “long trip home let’s get to know each other”. Jake starts by say his full name “my name is Jake Alex Smith .Alex is my dad’s name and his father’s name ” I nod with a smile he has a smile to .Jake continues “well I have a mum a dad they both own a business and they all way say it going to be mine  any I have two sisters they are twins lucky the oldest is me or they would try and put make up on my face” he stops and ask me about my family “my mother is a doctor”  I don’t speak for a moment Jake asked what my mum was a doctor for. It was hard to tell him but I got it out “umm she helps people with mental problems” Jake pushed in “are u ok” I look down towards the bus floor “yeah fine it’s hard to tell people you know “Jake let go of my hand and puts his arm around me tight and says “don’t worry tell me about your father” I take a big sigh this is a hard one no one’s what he does “ok here goes my dad cleans toilets” I turn my head so iam looking out the window watching the background go pass “Jake moves in close to my ear and says “I don’t care what your mum and dad do I don’t care”. I turn back toward Jake and give him a hug and say back in his ear “thank you”. Jake pulls back with his hands on my arms “you didn’t tell me your full name giggle “Amy Rose Jackson”. We find out so much more about each other as the time went on. Finally we got back to the school and I seen my mum in her car waiting till I came from camp .I look at Jake and I point “that my mum’s car” he nodded .we get off holding his hand I start to talk towards the car but Jake pulls “what are you do” Jake ask “do you wont to meet my mum” Jake lets go of my hand “I will call you” he walks off “JAKE YOU DONT HAVE MY NUMBER” i yelled but he just kept walking .

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