Peta Rail story

Peta Rail story

Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Peta Rail talks about every day life but things can and will change in her life but and when (please comment so i know how iam going)
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Peta Rail talks about every day life but things can and will change in her life but and when (please comment so i know how iam going)

Chapter1 (v.1) - Peta Rail story

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Peta Rail talks about every day life but things can and will change in her life but and when (please comment so i know how iam going)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 05, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 05, 2011



chapter 1

"oh" i look down on my page "F" this cant be good what will i tell my parents i failed art.

"mum, dad i falied art'

they both laugh "whatt's so funny"

i said with my arms crossed , mum slowed the laugh down

"honey you don't need art your good at maths"

she giggled.

That night i helped mum cook tea and my brother came having trouble breathing

"river are you ok"

my brother river is pro runner he's been running before i was born

"yeah i am ok"

he says with his hands on he's upper legs,

"where's jenny"

mum ask, jenny is rivers girlfriend slash coach and she always running behind

"she's coming you know how it is" river says still not catching his breath

, the door swings open and jenny small and puffed out has no breath ever, she makes herslef at home by jumping on the leather chair that sits in out lounge room with her smelly feet on mum's 'one in a life time' sa she calls it coffee table

"jenny ann black get your feet off my coffee table" mum said with a strong voice,

jenny puts her puppy dog face on and pulls her feet off the table. dad comes out from the shower in to the lounge room

"hey jenny how are you" jenny kept her puppy dog face on as she was a little frightened of dad

"good mr rail and how are you" she says and dad just chuckles like santa clause

"jenny geoff is ok to call me i dont like mr rail sound like iam a teacher and iam good after a shower" and jenny just smiled. than dad walked into the kitchen with a grin on his face to see mum, river and i talking about the running comp this weekend. dadpat river on the back leaving his hand and ask ing

"how was your run son" river stand up and looked at dad with a side smile that river did

"good" river said as he wraped his arms around to dads back, he may be 19 but he can still givehis dad a hug, he contiued on with

" sleepy and so is jenny" as he pulls away from a hug and looks at his brown eyed girl, he loved that song and luckly for him he was a good singer too. after tea i went to my room to get for a shower and my phone rang

"hello this is peta and who the hell are you" i loved saying things like that and i got off the simpsons

"hey peta it's me sam". sam is the guy i really like well he dosent know it yet but who couldnt like him. sam he is amazing, sporty, smart, kind and good looking.

"hey what happening" i say cool and calmly

"oh yeah not much what you this friday night" he says with a hint of nerves, i think for a bit

"hello peta are you still there?"

"oh yeah i am here let me just ask" i walk out of my room putting my phone on my bed. mum and dad were wachting their favourite showthat they watch every night and my brother doing homework

"mum, dad can i go out firday night with a guy" then i think i could have done that better and i didnt know what he was really asking

"what are you plans " says mum as she truns her eyes off the tv screen slowly to me

"umm? i will be back" i turn towards my room ,as i walk to the doorway i could hear sam's voice, i run over before he hangs up

"oh i am back" with a little laugh

"oh thats ok babe did you ask" he called mebabe all i could think was WOW

"lol i....i need to know details" i said worriedwhat he would say back

"oh yeah, my dad owns the local cinema and he's javing a girls night and i was thinking maybe you and your friends could go i will give you a discount" hae said cheerful but nreves voice and i though while he was talking why would he ask me he knows i have no firends, he see mein the playground by myslef allthe time

"well i don't have any friends i am a lone wolf" i make a joke to make me feel better

"maybe me and you can, i don't like chick flicks but i will go with you" he softly said as i stared to feel awkward and happy i said

" can talk to you at school" i said with cation "yeah peta i really like youand would love totalk to you at school but i don"t want my friends thinking iam teasing you and they will start .... i will ring you "

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