Red: Vanquisher of Worlds

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This Is based on a dream I had, mixed with emotions that I have been battling lately as well. It I still a work in progress, but tell me what you think, I would love feed back, and there is more on the way.

Submitted: May 15, 2013

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Submitted: May 15, 2013




I never thought the end of the Human species would actually happen, but more to the point, happen, in my life time. I guess I lost faith in the end after surviving two false alarms. I always hoped that a zombie like disease would plague this generation of nitwits, hell you could even say I prayed for it. I didn’t do much of that, praying I mean never say the point really. My parents and older brother prayed a lot thought, too much if you ask me. They would go to church every Sunday hell even on some weekdays if they thought something was worthy enough for extra praying. I hated growing up with catholic parents. All the rules and how everything was the Devil! “Red Loucis Camillie you been on the computer too much, it’s the Devil Taking over your mind!” or “You can’t be hanging around that girl she has the devil in her, you hear me!” were some of the many rants my mother would aimlessly shoot on about for days. Now both my mother and father tried to make me go to church as a kid, but me being the procrastinating son of a bitch I am. I would say I went about 4-5 times as a child, and I would just sleep on the pews. As I grew older I found the best way not to go was to wake up before them, lock myself in the bathroom and turn the shower on and wait till they left then do whatever I felt like in my hour of freedom. Know that’s enough about me let us get back to the more important topic.

It started when I was 17; I met a young gal named Jennifer Tempfre. We hit it off really, really well. I mean I have some game, I am not completely useless, I can get laid.  We dated for about 3 months, and it was the best three months of my 17 year old life. Now before I meant this young gal I was a loner. I had one friend and that is solitude. She has never let me down. Jennifer introduced me to the world of nitwits; it is thanks to her that I have come to hate the “thing” that we humans call life. It really is vulgar, and rather depressing. We, and by that I mean everything that is labelled under what is human. Want one thing and only one thing. IF you don’t know what that is well you are a nitwit, and I am not going to tell you for it would render you a useless heap of filth. Now back to my time with Jen, We hit it off really well then out of the blue she dumped me. Said I was too boring, that I didn’t fit in. Well I didn’t anyone who was half blind could have seen that. Now in a burning rage and a lust to pay this retched witch with due kindness, I in a drunkard haze told half the school how she gave the ugliest boy in school a BJ and let him ejaculate all over her soft rosy face. I then spent the 18th and 19th years of my life locked away from the land of the nitwits; I was once again with my one true love, my solitude. Then it happened.

 I remember the day very vividly; it was my birthday July 18th, 2013. It was the worst day of my life, for I was at the supermarket getting a drink and Jennifer’s older brother (who was in a gang) was there and he and three of his pals kicked my ass. I would have died in that store parking lot if it was not for the sonic boom that hypnotised all attention in the vicinity to look at the sky now dark with a swirl of black and grey as the clouds tried to resist as the foreign object easily broke thought out atmosphere. Everyone around was running and screaming and panic filled, but I was, I was happy. ALIENS! Holy shit aliens! What do they look like? Are they different then us? Or are the similar? So there is another planted able to sustain life. IT was the happiest 5 minutes every for when I came back from my little trip to lala land. They were attacking.  Jennifer! I need to find her! I still to this day don’t know why that thought sprouted roots in my brain, but it did and while an unimaginable chaos was unfolding around that store parking lot, I just stood there. I kept on standing there watching the swift movement of the space crafts and the harsh sound of them landing in various places on the town like checker being placed on a game bored. This was real and I was in the middle of it and Jennifer was out there all alone, it was up to be to save her.  You could say that during this thought process I was in a sort of terrestrial or out of body experience, because as soon as I remembered that I was in that store parking with the road and the store itself all destroyed and unfamiliar, I pissed myself. I fell and I thought I was going to die and for the longest time, seemed like ages I laid there in my own filth. Until my legs started to tingle like if you have been sitting for too long and they fall asleep and you try to move. The tingling sensation worked its unwanted presence up both my calves, into my knees and with some sort of other worldly influence I sprang to my feet and was running to word Jen’s house. When I turned on to her street, which was four block from the store I could see her and a bunch of other residents from the area pilling in to this bus (her dad was a bus driver). There was about thirty of them, and I tried to call to her but as I was running and had already ran four blocks when I opened my mouth the only thing that vacated it was a harsh and horse cough. /I had to stop running, and I stop three or two and a half houses away from them and I couldn’t stop panting, luckily she saw me and called to me and told me to get on the bus. I out my hand up with one finger raised indicating that I would be right over. I spit out the rest of the unwanted cough and ran to them gave Jen a hug, and I’ll tell you that half a second was bliss.

We pilled in and found seats at the back and she offered me some water then went and sat with her mom up near the front. When I awoke Jen was asleep on my shoulder, it was getting dark outside now but you could still see the fire of the town burning if you look out the back window. I watched Jen sleep and lost track of time doing this for she looked as beautiful as ever, and when she awoke she got this embarrassed flutter on her face (was really cute). I don’t know how long I was on that bus but when I awoke the second time the sun was cutting the trees off at the tip, and the flame that was my home was not in the distant view any longer. Jen came by the seat and asked if I could help her through the empty water bottles and trash out the back door of the bus, I was for some reason exited at this invitation and hopped out of my seat.  I opened the exit doors on the bus tossed out the trash bags and emptied the box full of emptied water bottles. I felt am embrace and it was Jen hugging me from behind, I froze. I felt her body twitch against mine and I started to melt. I turned slowly making sure not to break her embrace and them I wrapped her in my arms and held her close. The embrace cracked a long forgotten smile to my face, and I stepped back to look at her face, and slipped for the door was still open and I thought that if I died it would be okay for I was in that moment happy. I caught the steadying bar that was on the side of the door and braces my fall with my other arm but I was still half way out of the bus for I lost my footing, and could not retrieve it. I felt a hand in my chest, Jen’s hand I look at here she had this look of innocence all over her, and then it changed to the most evil, the darkest thing you could ever imagine. She with the sinister grin took her hand away and replaced it with a shooed foot. I looked at her in horror and then she pushed, and I was a float only for a second, with a terrible tumble and a bounce I was sprawled out on the highway like a deer that was hypnotized by the headlights of a car. I laid there sure I was going to die, and All I could think about was why she had done that? Why? I don’t know how long I laid there but that’s night everything changed for that night I saw, my angle- -of Death. 

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