The Golden Door 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
It is the continuation of "The Golden Door" .

Submitted: February 16, 2017

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Submitted: February 08, 2017



I saw an old man diluting a green coloured solution. He had a shabby appearance with white beard, torn patches on his brown leathered jacket and a dirty hat on his head. I thought him a scientist. I moved forward to introduce myself to the old scientist. As I was about to approach him, he suddenly turned towards me. His face was similar to a Dracula. He leaned his hand and said “I'm a mad scientist! my name is 'Mad Wolfson’, nice to meet you”. I introduced myself. I observed those large, complex machines . I was sure that those machines were invented by him but I didn't understand why he claimed himself as ‘ Mad’. I asked him about his motto. “ I want to become one of the great mad scientist in the world and want to ruin Einstein's achievements”, he said. He offered me that he would take me to my future using a nuclear symbiotic time machine. “ I invented this time machine”, proudly he said. I asked him “ Why did u name it nuclear symbiotic machine”? He didn't respond and kept quiet.

 He took me near the giant machine. It was golden in appearance. He instructed me to sit inside the cabin of the machine. I was very excited to know about my future. He pressed a button located below my seat. Suddenly the machine vibrated, shook and doors slowly closed. I saw a notification on the machine's screen. It was mentioned that the person who would visit their future cannot return to the present. I was afraid by the notification and asked Mr Mad to stop the machine. Mr Mad refused me and loudly said “ I'm born to destroy”. I was soon unconscious.

I opened my eyes. I noticed that I was on a grass field. I had a blurry vision. I saw a sign board near me. But I was unable to read the caution mentioned on it. I searched the machine but I could not find it. I was totally hungry. I moved forward in search of some food. By the passage of time my vision cleared and I could see and notice my surroundings sharply. I spotted a person near a tree. I moved forward towards him. I asked him about the place. “Dinorogamic Digiantic Skultra”,he said. I caught his palm and asked him to describe briefly about the place. Soon his body started to melt. His body melted like an ice cube. It was terrible situation. I was totally afraid by the situation. I ran from that spot.

With my parched lips and dried throat I went near the sign board. It was mentioned not to touch anyone as touching the body increases internal body temperature and would result in melting.

To be continued……...

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