Something's Missing

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A poem I wrote about not feeling whole.

Submitted: June 16, 2008

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Submitted: June 16, 2008



I feel like writing

But I have nothing to say

Something’s wrong

My brain is away


I can’t seem

To figure it out

Making me frown

Making me pout


(I’ve already eaten

Everything in the house

Oh, except for

That one little mouse)


My life is empty

I’m bored everyday

There’s nothing to do

With no one to play


I’m stuck by myself

There’s no one at home

No one to talk to

I’m completely alone


My friends aren’t at home

They’re probably out

At the mall with each other

Hanging out, no doubt


All I can do

Is sit and sigh

As they talk about it

And I try not to cry


I try and try

But my thoughts won’t come

My brain is blank

I think it’s numb


I feel like crying

But I hold it in

I’m not about to

Let my impulses win


I show no feeling

If I have any at all

What happened to me?

I’ve hit a brick wall


Something’s missing

I can feel the hole

The empty pit

As black as coal


I think I know

How I got that hole

But what did I get

In exchange for my soul?


I don’t think I’m human

That was taken from me

I need it back



I’m not fit to live

But not fit to die

But where does that leave me?

Let’s not forget why.


I did something bad

I just don’t know what, or to whom

I can’t remember

Or maybe I don’t want to


My life has no meaning

There’s no light at the end

Everything’s dark

My wounds never mend


Maybe I’m better off

To be like this

Devoid of feeling

Never missed


You barely notice me

When I walk through the halls

I’m like a ghost

Surrounded by walls


Life’s not worth living

I’d die if I could

I’ve never tried

I think I should


I think of the pain

That I’m leaving behind

And for once, I can see

My life completely aligned


I grab a knife

Push it into me

At last, I’m happy

I’m finally free.

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Something's Missing

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