Alone With A Demon

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One man faces his not-so inner demon.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



\"Nobody cares,\"a shadowy demonwhispered in to the young man's ear as it crouched beside him. \"You truly are abandoned and alone.\"

The man raised his head and sat staring forward for a long time. \"You are alone, and abandoned. You are alone. Nobody comes to your aid. You have been abandoned.\"

\"I'm not alone, my demon. You are here,\" the man finally retorted.

\"But you are alone. I am you. You are I. We are one. You are alone,\" the demon replied rising from its crouch.

\"I may be alone but somebody cares about me out there,\" the man said.

\"Nobody cares. Where are they now? If they cared would they leave you in this hell?Would they abandon you here after promising to fight beside you? No, nobody cares,\" the demon said sighing dramatically.

\"You care enough to torment me. You don't abandon me,\" the man said with a tone of hopeful realization.

\"Ha! I'd leave you if I could. I'd be long gone if I could. You aren't worth my time, but I am your demon... so I must stay,\" it said with resignation. \"Even your demon wants to abandon you. Look at what you are. You are alone. Abandoned. Nobody cares.\"

\"No... They care.... they're just busy... just tired,\" the man said shaking his head weakly. \"They care...\"

\"They really don't. How long can they be busy? How often can they be tired? They just don't care...\" the demon countered.

\"They care... they do... they care...\" the man repeated to himselfin a voice that was almost a whimper.

\"No they don't. You aren't worth their time and effort. They know it and so do I,\" the demon said sadly.

\"I am... I am worth it... They... told... me...\" the man said, his words finally reduced to a whimper.

\"No, you aren't. They lied to you. Look at the proof. You sit here alone conversing with your demon. Where are they?\" the demon hissed as it crouched down again. The man silently answered by lowering his head.

\"You are alone. Nobody cares,\" the demon persisted as it stood up again.

\"I am alone,\" the man admitted.

Suddenly there was a buzzing fromthe man'spocket. He reluctantly reached in and removed the source. It was his phone. The screen displays a fateful message. ONE NEW MESSAGE.

\"Prolly just someone looking for Jason Walker,\" the demon hissed referring to the person who previously used the number. “You still get texts and calls looking for him.”

\"You're right...\" the man said with histhumb poised to flip the phone open. His thumb gradually began to slide away, as he lowered the phone. In a burst of curiosity he flipped it open. He read the message.

\"I'm so sorry. I haven't talked to you in so long.Life's been crazy. You okay?\" it read. He then glanced at who sent it. Recognizing the name he froze for a moment. The demon glared down at the phone.

“Don’t do this…” the demon begged, faltering for a moment.

He ignored the demon and replied to the text, \"No. You free for me to call you and talk, right now?\"

Quickly the simple reply returned. \"Yes.\"

He dialed the number. Before it could ring twice he heard the familiar voice answered, \"Hey, what's wrong?\" The man was stunned by the emotions pouring through her voice. He began to review the past month.

The demon shook its head, a look of human sorrow spread across its face. It turned to leave. As it walked away it slowly dissipated likea cloud of smoke.

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