Flight 86

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Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012




For a 17 year old I lived through alot seen and heard so much one thing is I haven't learned as much I still fall in love to quick, I still sort of confused love for someone to I'm in love with you to I love you. I try to act mature, try to act strong and not cry but sometimes you have to let it out you can't always be strong. 2012 wow the year I have been waiting for I graduate this year, I turn 18 this year, this is my year I can finally say that it's my time, but why am I not satisfied... I'm not happy because one my family is putting me high on a mountain and I don't think I can climb that high, I feel me and my best friend/sister aren't the same, we are not as close as we used to be ever since our fall out sometimes I don't even consider her my best friend anymore something is getting between us been besties again I don't know what it is but all I can pray is for me and her to move on together and be how we used to be we used to run to each other be there for each other now it's like we don't even wanna be near each other and I think she feels what I'm feeling, she sees what I see and we're not doing anyhting about it I guess I have to take things in my control, my way and bring her back, bring our beautiful friendhip back starting now. Music is probably the thing that is making happy I'm believing in myself, motivating myself, finally I'm madly in love with music and it loves me back music is starting to become my escape the songs I'm writing, the beats I'm producing and the things I'm expressing everything is going great in that department I don't mind been in love with music because i know music will never hurt or lie to me the only thing and person I can count on. Oh love how much my heart needs it from him, Everything can be perfect in one mintue then the next everything can fall apart so easily I don't understand how but it does see me and Him* we were perfect our love was growing, it was going great more than great... incredible is the word, but things been said to me, rumors been spread, my love for Him* draining and me not trusting Him* how did all of this happen in 2 hours, in one day don't know how I'm going to get out of this, how me and Him* are going to make it because it's so hard to picture him with someone when I gave Him* everything my heart, soul, mind and body when he owns all of that. I just have to handle this the most mature way talk to him, work it out, not quit on our love because I know he loves me, and not listen to no more bullsh*t anymore, because now it's us against the world we ride or die and we are going to ride all the way until we reach paradise. 2012 my year my resolutions are one FLIGHT 86 to be a success, to make my family PROUD, to get my BEST FRIEND/SISTER BACK, and for me and Him* to finally be together and be happy with each other and no one coming between us or stopping us...


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