Drinking From The Bottle That Ended Everything

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Drinking will change a life

Submitted: January 13, 2015

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Submitted: January 13, 2015



The cool chill from can sweats. A taste so good it splits a family, brakes a heart, bruises an innocent love one. You don't control your life anymore, your lost. Nothing but a fool that can't even hardly stand straight. This killer makes you a threat to others. The warm bad breath from the pink lips strikes your nose. Smelling like old restaurant dumpster. A young boy cry's at night as his mom screams at his dad and his sister hugs him tight and whispers its gonna be alright. The boy seen daddy drinking all his life so he decided that it was fine to drink to. At the age of thirteen the boy stole the clear bottle from his dads room. Ever since then the boy didn't know where he's been or how far his come. His life was wasted in a bottle of rum. One night he came back from a club and was going on four shots. His eyes were blurry. It was as if he was looking into a washer. A young couple with there new born baby girl coming home from a party, begin to pull out there cracked drive way. The boy not knowing where he's going. Slams into the family's car at sixty five. Killing the mans wife and child. The boy is now locked up for his life and he never stopped thinking about the family that died. The man that lost his wife and child also lost his brain. He stayed up at night crying and screaming. Taking shots of Smirnoff one after another everyday. He was never sober after that again. Finally he couldn't take it and the man reached into his safe and pulled out a gun. He stared at that picture of his family and shot himself in the temple. Please don't drink it's nothing but evil it can end family and end a life. Your more important to me then a drink. I would rather see you smile then see your grave. Your one of a kind and if you think no one likes you then that's a lie. I'm here. So put down the beer and cheer up. 

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