Revenge so sweet

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A man awaken to his true colors.

Submitted: September 06, 2015

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Submitted: September 06, 2015



The silently spoken words release from her lips. She serenaded me with her ocean pool eyes. Stealing my hand and pulling me towards the ally. My heart is beating with every step I took. Watching every second of her ass move as she walks. Bashing her against the wall, our lips speak all the words. My hand sliding down her jean shorts. Her tongue locks with mine. Her hands grip my back tighter and tighter. She unbuckles my pants and begins to grab my dick. Slowly jerking it, I take off her shit and unclip her bra. I smoothly move my lips down her neck and down to her chest. Her nails pierced my back. Her moans fill the air. She wraps her legs around my waist and begins to bounce up and down. The moans grew lounder and the oxygen lacked. I squeezed her ass tighter with every motion. Minutes felt like seconds, time was moving quick. Warning her of the climax she hopped off and got on her knees. She becaming sucking my dick until I came all over her tongue. Relief falls from my shoulders. She gets up and slips her clothes back on. I looked at her for a moment. She smiled and held her hand out for the money. I gripped her hand with force and snapped it. Her scream brings no intention. I throw her against the wall. Her screams grew even more. I whispered in her ear \"whores are better off dead\". She cried \"please let me go\". I pulled my blade from my jacket and stabbed her warm body. Blood spread over my face. I reached for my rag and cleared the blood on me. I threw her body in the truck of my car and drove home. It was a cold night, colder then usually. My thoughts played tricks on my eyes. A deer runs out in front of the road. I hit the gas harder as I shake my head and drive threw the imaginary deer. The pulse in my chest are slowing down. I finally make it to my home. The smell of dead flys fill the air. I grab the girls dead body from the truck. Her blood stained my shirt (dammit). I throw her on the floor in the living room. I lay my keys on the table and unbuttoned my shirt. I take off my pants one leg at a time. I walk over to her body and strip her down naked. I press my dick on her cut stomach and brought it down. I pierced her vagina, rappng her in her dead presents. After a few minutes I drag her body to the basement. The sharp tools hang from the wall rack. I threw her on the center table. I walk over to the shelf, the decisions are always so hard to pick. I reach for the axe and make my way back to her body. She looked so beautiful, a falling angel from the sky. I didn't mean it to happen like this! We could had have something sweet! Maybe even a family! I grip her hair and yelled \"but you had to be a fucking whore\"! My thoughts were playing tricks again. Colors were fadding and my connections to my right state of mind was tore. I lifted my axe and dropped it down of her throat. Blood painted the walls. I kept swinging, breaking every bone in her body. Chunks of her body hit the floor. She was nothing but shreds. I picked up the remaines and put them in a container. I cleaned the blood up and burnt the towels and rags that was drenched in blood. I made my axe shine as before. Grabbing the container and making my way to the counter. I take out a pan and spray it down with oil. I drop the body pieces in the blender. The fucker gets stuck (of course). Shaking it as it mixes her to liquid. I pour it in a bowl, I tower her with browie mix and stir them together. I fill the pan with the mix and bake it to a crisp 375f°. Later on that day I brought my brownies to my shitty job and let the crew dig in. I smiled and drinked my coffee as they tore up the whole pan. If your reading this maybe we'll run into each other one night..

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