Positive Love in a Negative World

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

During our lives together Jim and I (Kodi) had many ups and downs. I would occasionally write him a poem expressing how happy I was on the occasion he was having a bad day. He passed away in 2001 after 5 wonderful years together. Bless your soul eternally Jim. Not every "poem" rhymes yet that doesn't ward away from the message within. Thanks so much. For comprehension purposes he always called me his Pony and I referred to him as my Gem.



The light of day, the joy of love

These have been sent to me from above


Sudden and surprising treasures they yield

The "gem" that in my heart I wield


High above the darkness it floats

Shining through all that dare to gloat


When this jewel is found

I lift it from the littered ground


Cleansed it from all pain and deceit

The ashes of the past lay at my feet


Burned and over, Done with

Meeting a new and unusual gem, excitement over runeth


True love of my life is founded

Must be sure not to ground it


With him I am and with him I shall stay

Until I see the last light of day


Like a wolf on a midnight breeze

He loves me with the gentlest ease


He makes me whole.....completely




You are the sparkle of sunshine blazing bright in my heart, the soul I have been seeking out. Like a warm wind soaring across a field of whispering wheat stalks, you tenderly caress me. As a prisms many colors illuminate as rays of fire, you see all sides of me, unabashed. My spirit is singing the songs of our ancestors rejoicing in the bliss of the universe's most powerful of loves...OURS. I hear the wisdom, I absorb your core as you do mine. An enchanting blend of loving, caring, strong, honest and unobstructed destiny. I'm the lucky one. Whatever the expanse of this life so is the everlasting bond of our hearts.




Riches and wealth mean nothing to me

For I hold a treasure, the most priceless one that could ever hope to be


My soul mate, my friend, my true love is found

Similar to roaming the earth and discovering the rarest gem, flawless all around


I live in a mansion surrounded by love

Whenever it rains diamonds fall from above


Rain may look like water but that doesn't fool me

I KNOW it rains diamonds wherever we shall be


Why, do you ask, is the water diamond rains?

Because, it is simple, whenever i am with you is more precious than anything.





Time has passed, love has grown

My love has returned to it's eternal home


In the heart of my "gem" is where I reside

Forever and beyond with no need to hide


He brings me joy and love and truth

He lights up my path showing my youth


I can be silly, playful and LIVE

Revealing whole self with unconditional love he gives


Like a star so bright, "gem" shows me the way

To being myself and never to stray


This passing of time have been the best of all

My memory brightens when we heard each others call





I am writing to you to give insight on my minds eye. A year and 2 months ago I was lost, afraid until one day, out of the blue, I met a man who stuck inside my soul and to the very depth of my core. I had a feeling of familiarity, as if I knew him before in another life back before love was so ridiculed. In that time, our love rose above any level of comprehension that existed when others writhed in confusion and despair. When I met you with my eyes, I knew there was a special bond that attempted to elude me. Then love came to greet me in the beautiful package I call my "gem". At first, I tried to deny that I was worthy of this embrace. I felt undeserving of such a gentle and confident man like you. Time and strength pushed me gratefully into the arms of my truest love. I cherish each and every moment we may share, every breath we take together and every spark of triumph over a world that knows too little about this all encompassing love. Our lives are gorgeous expressions that thrive and grow with each passing day ends and another begins. I adore you and to be by your side for eternity is an honor I pray gratefulness for each and every second.






My path of life shines so bright

Ever since I found the love of my life


The sky is so blue, the air so clean

Like being alone and warmed by a natural hot spring


We are bonded together as one

Living in a bliss I have never known, and now, my search is done


So gifted, so blessed

I also love it when he gets undressed


He is warm, true and mine

After all, we have loved one another for eternity in time


As he sleeps, he dreams of me

Whispering very softly, my name, Pony


What he is dreaming I could only wonder

I'll be damned if I disturb his slumber


When he wakes, full of rest

His coffee is brewed by the one who knows him best


My dream lover, my truest friend

I am so glad to know this journey will never end






Your hands I hold, your lips I kiss

The sorrow of life before I will never miss


True love is WHOLE trust

Our bind is one that shall never bust


Nature rejoices as we reunited

Sun, Moon and stars shine on us requited


The vastness of strength, compassion and wisdom are embodied in my "gem

Praise this great mystery for creating our souls to bend






Once in a land not so far away, a kindred spirit arose from the mist drifting through the air. This special soul had lived many times before and carried with it strength, compassion, wisdom and love for all living things. The souls "heart" was full of yearning for another to call it's own. The soul then met another with similar joys and aspirations in this world. That was us then and this is us now. True love is a magnificent reality that cannot and will never be able to wane. A universe of lessons to be learned and souls in need of guidance. Through all the many obstacles and pitfalls, like the mighty Phoenix rising from the ashes of oblivion, we have been reborn to find one another again. You are my ultimate romantic fantasy come to life!




DREAMS ARE REALITY ( In memory of Jim)



The air was dark, the sky turned gray

I'm still alive yet another day


I had hoped to die but to no avail

Everything I tried had failed


Laying forlorn upon the ground

Day by day as clocks turned round


My thoughts flew here, my thoughts flew there

Like a burst of seagulls were strewn through the air


A whisper, a note, a gentle warm breeze

Came upon my torn soul as it sets me at ease


This spoke to my heart as it steadily runs

"Those seagulls, thew flew not away, but towards the bright sun"


People still care, people still hope

Do not be afraid to grasp on this rope


Step by step you can climb to the sky

Knowing new truth, it's your turn now, to FLY




Submitted: November 26, 2014

© Copyright 2021 DiMageo. All rights reserved.

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