Marina has a Trouble

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Marina, a young girl, goes to her best friends party, not knowing what would happen. Marina was not the type to drink, but that night, her friends dared her, and she thought, "What the hay, it won`t hurt." But, she ended up liking it and got Drunk.
The next morning she found herself with her boyfriend Eric, in bed.
Find out what the tale is, by reading the book.

Table of Contents

Marina`s Trouble

Marina a younge teenage girl goes to a friend party and ends up sleeping with her boyfriend. She ends up pregant.
A couple days later her boyfriend ends in the hospital! Read to find out what happends. Read Chapter

I was standing there crying watching everyone run around. Erics mom was hugging me and we were crying. There was a long noise like what y... Read Chapter

I went home with Eric. I helped him into the car and into the house. He was verry weak. Even though I`m pregnant its not like i`m in majo... Read Chapter

The Next day we had to go to school. I walked into the school and everyone was staring at me like I was some strange looking animal. I fe... Read Chapter

That night Eric and I were looking at wedding dresses and Tuxat the mall. Eric also slept over. It was FUN! If you know what I mean. ... Read Chapter

I layed on my bed with Eric for a couple hours. We talked a bit about the baby and him living at the house. " Dont you think my parents w... Read Chapter

His mother started at him and his father left the room. " Do you expect to be a 15 year old teen age boy. getting married, having a baby ... Read Chapter

The next day at school, Dana sat next to me in Geogrophie. I got so mad cous that was Erics spot and my friend Heather sat on the other s... Read Chapter

Me and Eric got home and walked into the living room. " Hey mom." I said with a frown. " Whats rong babe." My mother said as she put her ... Read Chapter

I was so desperate to find was was happening. Nurces were rushing around the room like something was happening verry dangerously. I was t... Read Chapter

" Ok the new`s is that Dana moved!! She had a low income and moved away!! Well.. Shes going to move. She will be moving in about a week, ... Read Chapter

I dropped the shoes, dress and tux on the bed. I walked into the bathroom and no one was there. I checked the hole upstairs and found not... Read Chapter

I sat there crying for hours. I waited at the porch till everyone came back. I couldnt stop looking around for Eric. It was around 11... Read Chapter

A man in a black robe and black masc stood behind us. In his hand was a Spoon. " I WILL KILL YOU!" The man screamed. "With a spoon?" Dana... Read Chapter

The next day at school, Eric, Dana, Erics friends, Heather and I all hung out. Dana`s friends, were like, So mad. They would be like " Da... Read Chapter

Eric and I went back in the room and sat on the bed. We finished the movie and than we had a big pop corn fight. Than we fell asleep at a... Read Chapter

Eric laughed and picked me up again. We ran over to little Emma and got her to feel my stomack. It feels so weird. It feels like a cricke... Read Chapter

The wedding

I woke up that morning with a smile on my face. I ran down stairs and I ate my breakfast. Everyone was already awake and I guess I was th... Read Chapter

The Story

At the party of the wedding, my father and I talked most of the time. He told my what happened. This is the story in my fathers words: I ... Read Chapter

The toasts.

I looked all over and than out of no where my father walked out from the bathroom. I giggled and than he ran over to me. I stood in the m... Read Chapter

During the ride Eric and I made out all the way through. It was a 6 hour drive, so our lips hurt after words. Once we got there, Eric... Read Chapter

The problems answer.

We arrived at the hospital in a matter of 3 minits. Eric quikly picked me up and we all ran into the hospital as fast as our feet could t... Read Chapter

The reality

Eric and I went into the hotel and back up to your sweet. I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my sholders as I laid down next to Er... Read Chapter

After Supper Eric and I arrived back at the hotel for our last night. We slept comfortably that night. Holding each other close. But of o... Read Chapter

Painful months

A month of Painful, Humilliation went by,1 month and 2 weeksleft to go andbefore a baby is brought into this world. My Due date, is June ... Read Chapter

Love and depresstion

Once I got home from school, Eric dropped his bag off and left with his friends. ' guy time' as he likes to call it. He said he needs 'sp... Read Chapter


Not to long after my mom came in with with a basket of dirty clothes and saw Eric and I silently crying, myself in Erics arms, being held... Read Chapter