Sam a younge girl has to over come the popular student Samantha and save her town from the worst. Read more and find out what she does!

Table of Contents

Sam Gets Her Revange

Sam a younge girl has to over come the popular student Samantha and save her town from the worst. Read more and find out what she does! Read Chapter

Me and Emily were running as fast as we could, not being able to see Samantha. We stopped at her front yard and plopped down on the grass... Read Chapter

After jumping up and down for about 10 minits we walked out side. "I belive you owe me 5 bucks." We heard Samantha from the end of the dr... Read Chapter

The next day I woke up with a smile. I got and and walked over to the bathroom. "KYLE!! YOUR TURN IS UP YOUR ALWAYS HOGGING THE BATHROOM!... Read Chapter

A secret love note

Later that day me and Nate had started plotting revange. We got into a fight on how it would happen. Here is what we screamed at each oth... Read Chapter

After school me and Emily were walking down the street when we saw Samantha and my brother again infront of Samanthas house. Me and Emily... Read Chapter

I walked down the hall way of my high school and I looked at all the popular guys in their circle. I noticed that Jamie was staring at me... Read Chapter

I walked down stairs and opend the door. I started walking down the street when I ran into Nate who looked down on his luck. I walked rig... Read Chapter

That morning I woke up and walked into the hall way. Kyle wasnt in the bathroom this morning. I washed up and got dressed than walked dow... Read Chapter

As I was walking, I thought about how my life was. I though about how Samantha wants to take my street down. I thought about what I was d... Read Chapter

It was dinner time when Kyle ran over to me and carried me home. I was shivering to peaces from the cold. My toes and fingers were blue. ... Read Chapter

That next morning we woke up to each other and a nurce was making the bed beside me. " Its about time you two woke up from your slumber."... Read Chapter

Soon enough Samantha came out with a big smile on her face. " My dady is going to think over about the mall thing." " Thats good. I hope ... Read Chapter

When they came.

I was up in my room doing my home work, I had a big smile on my face knowing that my dream was going to come true. My street was going to... Read Chapter

A cute Docter

I sat there crying and I looked up at the sky waiting for some sighn that Kyle will be ok. My parents wornt home. No one was. It was ... Read Chapter

"Well what were you doing?" Jamie got closer to me. " I kissed the doctors cheek for helping me out. Its not a big deal." I sighed and go... Read Chapter

I woke up on my bed next to Jamie and it was 4 O`clock pm. We got up and went down stairs. My mother and Kyle were still fast asleep. Jam... Read Chapter

Jamie put his arm around me and than I put my head on his sholder. He took my hand and than Jamie`s mom came walking out of the kitchen. ... Read Chapter