Better late than never

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A waitress who always being late...!

Samantha was a waitress in a bar near the center of the city. She was always late to work. One day, she had her hair cut; the other day, the bus was stuck in traffic; another day, she broke the heel of her shoe when she was walking down the street. Every day, something was delaying her. Bad luck? All these, might have been just excuses...

Her boss was so annoyed with her. Samantha was only a month in this job and she didn’t take any responsibility for this daily delay. Her boss was a sympathetic man and he wanted to give her a second chance. He accepted Samantha’s bad habit just saying that: “Better late than never, Samantha...” In contrast to this annoying characteristic, Samantha was a pretty, young woman who had good manners. The clients of the bar were excited with her and they left her tips. Even the colleagues loved her for her enthusiastic and spontaneous character.

One day, the bar was busy. The time was past eleven o’ clock and Samantha hadn’t come, yet. Her boss was so mad about her absence because the clients were complaining: “Where are our drinks, man? We ordered them before half an hour!” The only waitress who was in the bar had so many orders in her notepad. She was so busy that she didn’t have time to serve the drinks on time. Suddenly, Samantha appeared through the door and many clients welcomed her loudly. When the boss saw her, he lost his patience and started shouting: “It was better to not have come, Samantha! You are fired!”


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