Blood, Power, And Rage The Beginning

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This is more like a short story series but novel makes it better because of the chapters. This story is written completely out of order but will make sence.

Submitted: October 02, 2009

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Submitted: October 02, 2009



Dante the Vampire King




On top of a mountain stood a malevolent castle, red from the blood of the king’s enemies. Dante the vampire king was ruthless towards his enemies but honorable to his allies. Dante wore long black silk robes in times of peace which bore the royal emblem on his chest. In times of war Dante constantly wore his magnificent black armor which covered his chest, forearms and legs.

The king’s people adored him, they would go to hell and back which they have. Descrite was Dante’s only son and he was the only vampire that could walk in the sun. Descrite’s mother was killed by the humans many years ago and for that both the king and prince despised the humans.

“Father!” Descrite shouted as he busted through the big doors leading to the throne room. “The humans have attacked Carta and burned it to the ground!”

Dante sat in his big throne quietly as if he hadn’t heard Descrite. The throne room was quite big and covered in paintings of the past Vampire kings; Dante was the longest lasting and by far the best.

“My king,” Descrite said with a touch of anger in his voice, “are you going to do something?”

After a few seconds Dante spoke. “Assemble a small troop and do what you want to Descrite.”

“Thank you sire,” Descrite turned and left the throne room.

“Sahii,” Dante said to a young looking woman that walked in from a door off to the side of the throne, “get my armor.”


The castle had big, long hallways with many doors leading to rooms, outside or staircases. Descrite walked down a moonlit corridor towards the barracks to find some soldiers. There was a big wooden door at the end of the hall that Descrite entered the barracks through, inside stood a handful of men chatting to each other.

“Sir!” The men said as Descrite walked in.

“At ease men,” Descrite said joining their little circle. “It’s time we had some fun, get ten more soldier ready by tomorrow night.”

“Yes sir!” Said the smallest of the men. “May I ask what the mission is?”

“Yes, we are attacking some humans. They attack Carta; we’re going to pay them back.



“Sahii,” Dante said as she helped him with his armor, “I need you to send a letter to your father. Tell him that there may be a war with the humans. Tell him of what happened and what we are doing.”

“Yes my lord.” Sahii said quietly.

Sahii was an elf, daughter of the Elvan king, which was given to Dante as a gift of friendship. Jesse was Dante’s only daughter, she was given to Gredger the elf king for the same reason. The reasons for Dante’s trade of daughters was for influence and he planned for his spawn to outlive any possible children Gredger would have which would leave Jesse as the only heir to the throne.

Gredger had a lot of influence with the dwarves which had a lot of influence with the ogres. Dante wanted power; he wanted to not only be king of the vampires but king of the world. The only people that really stood against him were the humans because of the science. Science proved to be more reliable then magic.

Once Dante was dressed in his armor he told to Sahii to gather the people for news. Sahii left the throne room to call the people, Dante watched her leave. Sahii had brown hair which reached the small of her back. She wore a beautiful red dress that had flower designs from top to bottom. She was two hundred and twenty two years old but looked like a twenty two year old human.

Sahii returned shortly and walked arm in arm with Dante to the main balcony. After climbing a few stairs the two of them entered a room that had a giant window at least two men tall and several wide which led onto the balcony. The balcony was big enough for about seven men and looked out upon his village. The courtyard below the balcony was full of people gathering for the news.

“My people,” Dante shouted from the platform above the mass of people, “the humans dared to attack us! Now is the time to fight! If you are capable of combat report tomorrow for training!”

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