Blood, Power, And Rage The End

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Dante Fights his way through the enemy.

Submitted: October 02, 2009

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Submitted: October 02, 2009



The Vampire War


“Here in this time of war!” Dante the vampire king shouted. “We will face our enemies and conquer! They do not stand a chance against our superior strength, speed and wits! We the vampires will reign once more!”

The vampire king stood upon a hill shouting down at his army which held little more then fifteen thousand. Every man in the army, including Dante, wore armor on their chest, forearms and legs. What the soldiers didn’t have was a black cape and golden crown.

Across a massive field stood another army at least twice the size of the vampire army. No man in the other army stood out like the vampire king did. The opposing army stood nervously at ease, where as the vampire army practically jumped around.

“If you die take two with you!” Dante yelled to his men. “We will regain our glory! WE WILL DESTROY THEM ALL!”

Dante turned towards the opposing army and began running full speed at them with sword in hand and his army at his heels. Every soldier yelled at the top of their lungs incoherent words that struck fear in the hearts of their foes. The giant field grew smaller as both armies charged at one another. Soon the entire field was covered with people.

The king drew back his sword as he neared the enemy, once in range he swung and nailed a terrified man in the side of the neck forcing blood to spray in all directions and his head to hit the ground a few seconds before the body. All around men were brutally killing each other and painfully dying. Everyone was yelling but no one heard it all they heard was the sound of their own beating heart. The blood was pumping in their veins and falling on their face as they beat some ones head in with a broadsword.

Dante’s men ran full force thrashing their way through thousands of men, slashing, beating, biting, and killing everyone in their path. There were screams of pain, screams of triumph and screams of fear echoing through out the field on this bloody morning of revenge. For too long the humans stomped on the vampires, they took everything from them. Now the vampires were going to take it all back and more.

The leader of the vampires chanted to his men to keep pushing as he vehemently slashed his way through the rival army. Dante wanted his men right in the center of the other army, giving all his men a chance to kill, even though it was a risky move. He had confidence that his men could kill them all before noon.

This war would never have happened if it wasn’t for Dante’s only son’s sacrifice. Descrite was the only vampire that could walk in the sun. Descrite found that he could transfer his power using the magic of man. In the experiment Descrite lost his life so Dante decided that he would be the test subject. Now every vampire in the world was once again able to walk in the light of day.

Standing in front of Dante was the leader of the humans a small pathetic man named Armin, this was his first battle. Armin was born long after the vampires descend from greatness. Armin saw Dante and thrust his sword at Dante’s stomach but Dante side stepped it and with one mighty swing cut off his head. The look on Armin’s face was almost comical as it fell to the ground in shock.

The vampires continued to fight as the humans began retreating, they were determined to kill every last one. Dante had some of his men march around to the back of the human’s army and flank them for when they tried to retreat. When the scared humans saw the vampires behind them they threw down their arms and raised their hands. Dante ordered his men to kill them all whether they had a weapon or not.

All that stood on the field was vampires, soaked in blood and panting for breath, and bodies of the dead. No one made a sound they were all too exhausted to celebrate. Dante raised his arm in triumph and his men did like wise.

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