Why me poem on bullying

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A poem on bullying

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



I think i better tell everyone this was written long ago I'm not being bullied i was in high school the next part is taken from a story I wrote

As humans, we need to take a stand for bullying we cannot sit back and Let the bullies ruin lives. This is dedicated to the survivors the ones that have made it through. Also to the victims who are fighting the bullies now.Remember you are not alone dont let the bullies win. Tke your stand and live. Finally, to JESUS who helped me survive thanks JESUS.


Why can't people see me?
Am I really invisible?
Do I really want to live life in the background?
Why can't I have a chance?
Don't I deserve one?
Why do they laugh and make fun?
Do they not know it hurts?
Do they not know their words bring tears to my face.
When they mock me and make fun.
To my face and behind my back.
Why don't they see my potential?
Why do they think I do not have feelings when they call me fatso. Or make up songs that hurt.
Why do they think they are better?
Why do I get picked last?
They act as if I am diseased and don't want me around. This hurts the most.
Why can't I have a chance?
I am just like you.
What did I ever do wrong?
Am I that horrible of a person?
A true friend is someone who laughs at my jokes not at me.
Why do you pretend to be my friend and then turn your back when the bullies come?
Why do you even want to be my friend? I trusted you I told stuff you betrayed me! You stabbed me in the back.
Why did you do it? What did I do to deserve it?
Why do words hurt so bad?
Why do bullies want to hurt? Do they hurt that much?
Life is good and precious. We are all the same.
We look different but we are all equal.
When you find this out your hurtful words will stop.
I hope you change so you don't hurt another person like you hurt me.
You helped me be a better person. I never wanted to be like you.
I am glad I am not like you.
My life stinks.
Life will get better soon.
I will pray for all of you may God change you.
That way you won’t hurt another soul.

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