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With just clicking "like", life will be so simple, while comments and posts are and for sure, readers' main thoughtful game, so what will you comment?

Submitted: August 09, 2013

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Submitted: August 09, 2013



Many people post everything they might think is interesting in their social websites, general press release and links. Others post and comment whatever they might think of. Only some think twice before posting anything.

With just clicking "like", life will be so simple, while comments and posts are and for sure, readers' main thoughtful game and sharing career, and mainly helping websites to reach social and financial benefits; merely the sole tool to rise up the economical arena of worldwide opinions and discussions, and thus publishers get higher benefit – out of social and experimental point of view when gaining popularity, frequent visits and unlimited sharing of ideas, opinions, and profiles.

Cautions of commenting has been overwhelmed by less sitting tight and little commitments, urging policies to a pre-surveyed plans and checks to avoid comments' further complications. This will for sure rise up time line and anti comments' disorder budgets! 

Such experiment of sharing thoughts through comments should be taken good care of when stopping by and say 'hi'. Professional who published works of qualified posts are supposed to be the well-done goods' providers from a general point of view, no mistakes or inconvenience is involved; a good mark that leaves no doubts when buying it. Our posts and opinions are the reflection of them and should apply qualified reflex to what have been published. Sharp critics are still needed as a sort of a helpful tool though some consider it tough. It nourishes and refreshes in a stimulate manner. the written idea to more revisal thinking then to bring another and even more creative subjects. Sharp and good built opinion offers guide and instructions for future edit, and definitely pours in the mass gathering's beneficial cups.

But this image may not be applied on political releases and 'sensitive' issues. The reflex should be well cooked and revised where carefulness is really in need; unless if came from a smooth and glazed mirror of experienced politicians, who can insure the perfect image of origin edit work.

Flattering and compliments only serves the outlook of post ornamenting the edit work with nice look and good scent, and quite justified when admiring some phrases and words, even ideas that made us cheer up and go to nice lilting mode. Further likes and nice words do encourage the cheering mass and editors to go ahead for further scores, but not that far to forget about adding some tips to share strategies and a fingerprint of our mentality.

Sarcastic comments and hurtful posts could be a provoking exhortation poles to annoy editors and readers and let them think again. They bring attention right away and secretly help editors to stop and ruminate what they have published for a while; sometimes for a long one. They are the vaccine that once taken healthily, comings edit work will be stronger and more productive.

Critical "likes" are the torch that leads edits and articles towards safer shores, as they are the spot light of all presentations. Careful posts and comments including picky phrases and words are the best to be taken into consideration, where "likes" would simultaneously be thrown under them.

What goes around comes back later. Readers are eager to share their thoughts and opinions and will consider their sayings for some other time, when it will refer to their beliefs and mentality. I won't be amazed when some readers enjoy comments more than originated edited text, but will be, when observing a full turn for some viewers comparing to a previous sit-in point of view. I guess it sort of a "like" and later "dislike" game, that brings more joy including more visitors, and all pours for the benefit of opinions' episode.

Obviously putting a little bit of our conscious, inner thoughts, interests and anticipations are becoming the best lead way for future editing works that seek good directions and safe walking roads. So with a pack of more than two hundred comments per article, where do we click "like"?

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