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A short story in China

Her True Features(Chinese Short Story)



Lily,38 was an ugly middle-aged woman, who liked to talk to young men on the net, through QQ( a kind of internet messenger) , at her leisure.

One day a boy added her QQ and said, “ Hey, glad to see you. How are you?”

“ Hey! Glad to see ya.” Lily answered.

“ May I ask you how old you are?” The man asked.

“ Oh, sure, I’m 22.” Lily replied.

“ It’s too young, I’m 28, but I’m glad to meet you anyway.”

“ Me too.”

“ Do you have a web-camera? May I see you?” The man asked.

“ Oh, I’m so sorry, my husband doesn’t allow male strangers to see me on the net.”

“ Oh my, it’s a pity.”

“ But I could give you a photo of me.”

“ Fine.”

So Lily sent a photo of a beautiful girl to him. it was a photo she always used when a man wanted to see her and was of a cover girl of a local magazine. The cover girl wasn’t well known at that time. So all the men who saw the photo never knew the truth, they all thought it was Lily’s photo.

“ Oh, you are so pretty!” the man said to Lily when he saw the photo.

“ I’m flattered.” Lily laughed, “ So, do you have a photo?”

“ Yeah, I have some.” the man answered, then he sent her five photos.

“ Handsome.” Lily laughed loudly.

“ Could you give me more photos ?” the man asked.

“ Oh, sorry, I don’t have any other ones in my computer now.

 Two months passed, and during that time they talked to each other every day, one day the man told her that he had fallen in love with her and wanted to see her.

“ I love you too, and I’ll come to see you.” Lily replied.

“ That’s so great.” The man laughed happily.

But as the day of the date approached, Lily told the man that her father was ill, and that she needed five thousand yuan to send her father to the hospital. The man remited the money to her bank card without thinking.

Despite the man’s belief in her, from the day she received his money Lily disappeared from his life and her QQ always showed that she was offlined.

Submitted: December 17, 2008

© Copyright 2022 Dinafromfuture. All rights reserved.

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Awww!!! That's sad! The poor guy!!! But NOW HE KNOWS NEVER TO FALL IN LOVE OVER THE INTERNET!!! lol
She took the guy's money!!! I repeat 'Poor guy' lol
I liked it!!! :)

Sat, December 20th, 2008 5:33pm


thanks for coming~~

Tue, December 23rd, 2008 12:35pm


what a fool that man was to believe the person on net...poor guy..had to waste all his hard earned money on that cheater...
Anyways, she has to surely pay for it eventually...right?

do write a sequelae to it showing she was cheated too one day...

Wed, December 24th, 2008 3:04am


thanks for coming,pratibha,maybe i will write another one about her,anyway,thanks

Tue, December 23rd, 2008 7:57pm

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