Im Your Biggest Regret

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This was my depression era once again. i feel like this often sometimes. it sucks a lot.

Submitted: August 03, 2008

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Submitted: August 03, 2008



Im Your Biggest Regret

Falling, falling
faster, faster
deeper, deeper
into hell.

When will this all end?
does life ever get better?
what did i honestly do,
to deserve these awful things?

It seems as tho I fix one thing
and another problem arises
making me fall deeper
into this big hole of despair

With no one there to help me,
it just gets harder
I know i've made mistakes
but can't we all just forgive?

I can't believe this is happening
I want my old life back
I hate this empty feeling
like I'll always be alone

I know i'm not perfect and thing things ive done are wrong,
cant you see im suffering already
and these things don't make it better
im really truely sorry

Im shaking, why cant you just hold me down
im feeling alone and guilty
and I dont deserve to live much longer
ive just been a trouble to you all

So, as darkness fills me up,
remember i'm truely sorry
i love you all so dearly
and you mean so much to me.

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