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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the story about how the life changed when a guy from city who married a girl from a village.

Wedding is one of our dreams and it is one of the best stages of our life. Everyone has a wish, how their life partner would be. Wife is a God’s gift; Husband is a priceless gift of course.

Everyone will not get their life partner as they expected except the lucky people. Happiest life is always good than the perfect life. It’s all about understanding each other. Our wish and expectations would not be same, but we must understand and love each other.

Marriage will change our life. It may be a good or bad sign. If we won’t get what we expected from our life partner, definitely it will end up in quarantine life.

This is the story about how the life changed when a guy from city who married a girl from a village.

Gentle, lovely and affectionate girl Regina has been residing in a village. Normally people who reside in village don’t get luxurious lifestyle because of the infrastructure. But still they have a good and happiest life over there.

Although Regina is from a village, she had a proper education and good communication, but it’s all in a village level and currently she is doing final year in her master degree and her university is little far away from her village.

John who was born in a village, but he settled in a city as his father Robert transferred to city when John was young.

John always likes travelling with his friends. As he is from a city, he has an elegant lifestyle and he is working in Software Company.

John and Jasmine are very close friends and they met each other when they attended an interview in the software company where they are working now.

At one stage, both fell in love but they didn’t propose each other as they thought that their parents won’t accept for their love. The sad part of our life is when we realize that for some reason we can’t marry a person with whom we have more affection.

One day Jasmine proposed John and she said that she wants to live rest of her life with him. But John replied that his father is too strict, he does whatever John asks but he hate if he comes to know that his son is in love.

Jasmine insisted John to speak about this to his father as later on he should not feel that he could have told about his love to his father when he gets married to another girl.

That night when John  went to tell about Jasmine and his love, John’s father gave him shocking news that he have found a girl for John’s marriage. As John does not have courage to open his love topic to his father, he didn’t even tell him about Jasmine.

The girl who is going to marry John is the village girl Regina who is a daughter of Robert’s friend relative.

As Regina’s father is sick and his health is in critical condition, he wanted to see his daughter’s wedding before he expires and he arranged for her marriage. But Regina’s parents told John and his father that after Regina’s marriage, Regina can’t come to the city where John is residing for next six months as still she didn’t finish her university exams and from the city, she can’t go to the university as it is too far to travel.

Robert and John accepted for the same and John hid his marriage to his girl friend Jasmine.

Wedding bells chimed… metaphorically, of course. Crowds cheered, drinks emptied, cameras clicked, and speeches given.

John and Regina got married. As they agreed, they couldn’t stay together. She continued her studies from her native.
John thought that Regina will change his life. Everybody has a love story, but most of them don’t get the chance to marry the same person whom they love.

Monthly twice, John goes to Regina’s home to meet her and her family. But still, John didn’t even like the way Regina carry herself. He felt ashamed to introduce her to his friends.

Regina gets angry with John whenever he speaks with other girls. John totally hated Regina as he didn’t marry a wife what he expected and he continued his relationship with Jasmine.

After six months, Regina completed her university exams and she is ready to go to city to stay with her husband John.

One day John called up his wife as his friend had invited them for their love marriage.

Regina left from her native to go that marriage. Later her parents found that she is missing.

When Regina’s parents asked about this John, he said that for last 6 months she was in love with someone and she wanted to live a life with him, so he itself helped her for that and he sent her to other place with him.

Regina’s parents suspected John and complained this to police and they started doing investigation.

During the police investigation, they found that John murdered his wife, but John didn’t tell police officers for what he murdered Regina. Based on the further investigation, police officers  found Jasmine also involved in this murder.

Cops tracked John’s mobile number and they found that he contacted same number often before and after Regina’s death.

Jasmine revealed the truth whatever happened. John and Jasmine are in love. Many times Jasmine proposed John. But John didn’t accept her proposal as he is scared of his father as Robert is strict in love. When John got married, he didn’t disclose about his marriage to jasmine that he married Regina.

After five months from John’s marriage, John called up Jasmine and he said that he would like to discuss something with her.

When Jasmine went to John’s residence, he told her that he is not able to forget Jasmine and he wanted to marry her.

Jasmine was surprised about his decision, but she was shocked later when he said the he has already married a girl and he is not happy with his wedding life.

At first, Jasmine was not happy as she is not willing to be his second choice. Later she is convinced when John said that he was in love with Jasmine and he didn’t know how to tell this to his father and he thought that Regina will change his life. But John said that Regina is not fit for him and he wished to divorce her. Of course, you didn’t even have courage to tell your love to your father and how can you ask divorce?, Jasmine replied.

Jasmine could have adviced him that Regina will change herself in future, but Jasmine suggested him to murder her. So they planned to invite and kill her.

As they planned, they invited her. When Regina reached his home, she said that she is counting her days to stay with John together.

During Regina’s conversation, John stabbed her suddenly and he didn’t stop that. He stabbed her till she faint and Jasmine hit on her head with a hammer and they took that dead body to a ground where people do not come often and they buried the body.

To do the postmortem of the dead body, police officers and detectives took John and Jasmine to the ground to find out the dead body where they had buried.
John was speechless. He didn’t know what to tell to Regina’s parents. Jasmine felt ashamed as she suggested John to murder a girl to marry him.

Robert told his son that he was strict with him as he wanted his son to be in right track of his life. Robert was disgraceful that his son was arrested.

Robert wanted his son to marry whom he selects.  John may not have courage to tell his love to his father, but John could have told his father that he didn’t like the girl whom he selected.

Finally John and jasmine life ended up in the prison.

Submitted: December 02, 2014

© Copyright 2021 DineshS. All rights reserved.

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