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Think of your most favorite place in the world, where is it? what are you doing there? who is there with you? do you see a paradise? this is a short story of me answering those questions but with a

Submitted: January 26, 2018

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Submitted: January 26, 2018




It’s a comfortably warm day in the middle of June and they couldn’t have picked a better day. I’m just currently sitting in my car, listening to my favourite playlist in the car park across from my house. I’ve always been fond of this car park, there’s only one way into it and that is a long and narrow path that a car can barely fit through, it has the gardens of people’s houses on each side of it but they are out of sight, thanks to the large fence surrounding the entire car park. The fence isn’t so big however that you feel like you’re in a prison, it’s just at a nice height where you have your own privacy, not that I really need it though but I just like having it.

In England, you have to cherish and take full advantage of the warm days because most of the time the weather can be described as dismal, muggy and all around depressing. Today I feel like bringing out some binoculars though because I cannot find a single cloud in the sky. The on-going blue in is one of the finer things in life that you need to appreciate because one day the sky will go grey, and stay that way forever.

But I am too distracted to be thinking about all those depressing thoughts. Behind the fence is the bottom of someone’s garden, and standing there are gigantic oak trees cutting off the rest of the world; another feature of the car park I am secretly fond of. I watch these trees regularly change throughout the year. In the winter they are bare; their branches are sharp and uninviting to nature, they look like they are reaching out to try and poison the sky. But now, in the summer, they are vibrant and flowing with life once more.

Now that the trees are full of life again, that life has decided to sing. The songs that the birds sing often become background noise, like most things in life and they fail to get appreciated enough. The birds singing are the only thing I can hear and a little part of me wants it to stay that way but I know it won’t.

But I still sit here, continuing to listen to their melodies, trying to match the note to the noise, enjoying the gentle breeze rolling through the open windows of my car, slowly hydrating myself with my favourite drink; strawberry flavoured water. This moment is what philosophers would die for, because it is just perfect serenity. 

I have decided to turn my phone off, I am so sick of it constantly vibrating. It’s not notifying me, it’s just interrupting this perfect moment. I understand that people are trying to tell me something, but nothing they are going to say is going to change things so I do not see a point in their messages. I already know what people think and feel about me so there is not point sending me a text saying what I already know. Maybe I shouldn’t be so bitter towards them; I guess I should feel loved that they are thinking of me in their last moments.

Just by sitting here, I have accepted the fact that I choose not to be close to people. Yes, relationships with people do have some good parts but it also has some very bad parts, diabolic parts even. To me, being on your own doesn’t have any bad parts; it is just missing good parts.  I have decided to go through this moment on my own and for some reason I don’t have that sinking feeling in my stomach that I usually have when I cut people out of my life, that deep insecurity that puts a downer on my mood. I guess that’s a good thing though.

The tranquillity of the car park is shattered by the brash and forceful sounds of a siren going off in the distance. I can make out that there are multiple sirens going off indicating that somewhere within hearing distance is a squad of authority vehicles, possibly police cars, fire trucks or ambulances.

The sounds disrupt the peace but certainly not my mood because I have already come to terms with what is happening. That is the whole reason why I am sitting here, before the end hits, before everything I know and love is destroyed in a fiery blaze because someone in this world thought that they had the right to bring me and many others into their conflict, when we had no intention to be a part of it, Sadly that part wasn’t up to us.




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