After the Wierdness

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eyes that used to watch you sleep
watch the
inside of the drawer now
while he f*@#s you

Submitted: September 02, 2009

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Submitted: September 02, 2009



somewhere you are laughing
at someone elses jokes

after a lovely evening

after a homemade dinner
salad, meat and potatoes

after a great flick
romantic comedy
some bullshit story
some boy, some girl
some minor conflict
but nothing to write home about

after he knew what you felt like
pinkies touching
hand over hand
the timid squeeze
"I'm right here. Right here."

after turned down pictures
you and me in winter
the boy in boots
the kiss in the bar
I can still remember
cant let him see
don't want to ruin the moment
eyes that used to watch you sleep
watch the
inside of the drawer now
while he fucks you
while you say the
things you said
to me

after the wierdness
of the first encounter
that deafening silence
that apprehension
thoughts of longing
to be alone
forced intimacy
I know
I know

after the empty words
putting on pants
looking for tossed underwear
wrapped up in sheets
thrown on the floor
the lamp
the kitchen counter
"I'll call you soon."
the liars kiss
the bastard
the turn of the knob
the leaving
in the night
or is it morning
it's mourning

after the dead beat

after the shock

after life after death

after the sunrise
shifts into day
no call
not yet at least
the worry
the choices made
can't be un-made
the risk

after you remember me
that momentary slip
guard down
absorbing the thought jab
to the chin
when it shook you
when you took out my photo
and wept
from the far side
of the line
of the point of no return
the helpless
the weary
the truth of the situation

after we after us
the phone rings
while you stare
at the small glossy
three by five me
my beard
my smile
my unreasonable way
you set me down
and you answer
and the world goes back
to turning
and you begin
to remember
to forget

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