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sorrow for lost love and lost youth

Submitted: January 16, 2015

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Submitted: January 16, 2015




Reflection got the better of me, thoughts could not attune
So I, in quest of fresher air stepped out…
into the evening gloom 
Looking back, I find the moment contrary... inopportune 
For I found my sorrow hanging there... 
beneath the pale, and haunting Moon
I told my story to the wind, and I slowly closed my eyes
I then released my reverie …where apparitions still arise
A thought of then, and all the while my heart advising it unwise
Then as I looked the clouds moved in… 
and I saw my tears fall from the skies

I watched my sorrow rising up...imagining the awesome view
Illusionary images... beneath the endless royal blue
I feel afferent vertigo, and so a sense of deja vu’ 
I glide along, so far above my wasted years... 
and dream of you
Our lives lie there below me, in this aerial supposition 
The years pass quickly by, on my intellectual expedition 
I see from far above where love and loss saw their collision
So now, the Moon and I… remain...
so sadly unforgiven

I love you, goes unheard...un-read, to soar with the prevailing wind
Dropping low to haunt my lonesome dreams with nightmares, 
now and then
Then as the morning comes around, the sky above stays dark... again
My happiness now lost... 
within the realm of sorrows cruel domain
So now, I must decline the day... refuse the cloudless afternoon
Reside within the faded blue, locked far inside this empty room
I tell you this please listen closely… you, yourself are not immune
Your loneliness lies waiting there ...
beneath the pale, and haunting Moon

Dean Evans 

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