Good Citizen

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A gruesome scene is going on on the street. A shocked man watches it from his apartment, not knowing what to do. Somebody eventually called the cops and that somebody is called the "Good Citizen."

Submitted: May 05, 2014

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Submitted: May 05, 2014



"Get down here! Now!" some gurgly voice shouted from the street. Although it was unclear whom he was addressing, it aroused the curiosity in me. I peeped out the window from my third-floor apartment to see what it was all about. The voice was of a shaggily dressed man in torn sweaters and dirty bushy beard with crusted saliva on it. And next to him was a woman lying face down with a pool of blood spreading like volcanic lava. "Everybody! May I have your attention! Look! Looky here!" the man shouted. The scene was lit by a lamppost. It seemed as if the man was happy to have found the stage to do his number.

What the hell is going on down there... I felt a strong urge to go down there and do something, but I was too frozen to do anything. My body solidified into a stupefied statue with its mouth agape. Chill coursed through my body, and when it hit my head, it felt as if iced needles were raining, shooting at me from all sides. I just watched. My eyes were fixated upon the scene and the man against my will.

"Hey! People! You slaves of artificial trees made of concrete! You monkeys jumping around laughing and clowning with each other! You lost your abilities to be you! You lost everything this world stands for! You lost the meaning! You just live and die! What are you going to do when you close your eyes and darkness is all that surrounds you! You go to sleep. You.. go... to a long, long sleep," the man spun in circles, and his head was tossing in all directions. He was clearly inebriated.  "You went to a good school! You have a well-paying job! You type your little words on your screen! You come home and do what? You go to sleep, tired and relieved that you get to have some rest! It's like that! It's what death is like! This woman here? she's just sleeping! Ha! Ha!" when he finished this, he crouched down, put his hands on his knees, put his head down, and...laughed.

He continued his antics for another hour or so, until the sirens blared loudly from afar. Soon, cop cars surrounded the man and officers were aiming their guns at him. "Freeze! Put your hands where I can see 'em! Get down on the ground! and put your hands behind your head! Now!" shouted one burly officer who was approaching the man with his elbow straight aiming perfectly at him.

"I didn't kill her! I didn't kill her! Trust me, officer! I didn't kill her! She was here when I got here! I promise you! She was lying here! See! See! She doesn't have her bag! Ladies always carry a bag, and she's missing it! And I don't have it! See! See!" the man shouted as he turned around pointing at his body to tell the officers that he didn't do it. "There's her grocery! No bags! She must have carried her bag! Come on!" the man's neck and face was red from excitement, and he waved his hand fiercely in the air.

"Do as I say! Or I will open fire! Put your hand behind your head! and get down on the ground!" the burly officer shouted once more.

"Ugh, goddamn!" the man said. By then, the cops surrounded him and put cuffs around him.

The man was put in a cop car, and he was still saying something ferociously inside the car. And the woman was put in an ambulance. More cars kept coming with acronyoms on their backs, and men in suits. The whole neighborhood was awake.

"Now, she was lying there and nobody called the cops for over an hour? Am I right?" A sharp looking man in a black suit with hair combed over said in amazement, "nobody learns, huh? Nobody. Who eventually called the cops anyway?"

"It was a kid. A girl. She was crying and said there was something terrible going on. A scary man was scaring her, and
she wanted the cops to rescue her from him," another man in a black suit with his stomach jutting out of his belt replied.

I closed the window. I sat on my desk, terribly disappointed at myself. I should have called the cops. I should have called the cops right away...By now, I was just mumbling to myself, not knowing what to do, but stay awake and rebuke myself for my inaction.

Morning came.

The headline on CNN read, "Good Citizen." The anchorwoman went on to tell the incident and the brave 7-year old girl with black hair and brown eyes who called the cops when she saw her mama standing by the window with her hand to her mouth. Miraculously the woman survived. She's in a coma. Real culprit of the crime is to be determined.

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