Trapped In A Maze

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A trip to the beach gone horribly wrong ...

Submitted: September 23, 2013

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Submitted: September 23, 2013



It was a hot sunny morning with a cheerful atmosphere. The golden sun shone in all its brilliance warming everything in its path while the clouds floated peacefully across the azure sky . My family and I were on our way to the beach . One could smell the ocean from at least half a mile away . when we arrived , I immediately changed into my bath suit and raced into the water . That was when a great calamity befell me .

Not too long after did my family and I decide to have lunch . However , I finished faster than the others so when no one was looking , I ventured further . As, I walked absent-mindedly along the beach my eyes spotted some footsteps in the sand leading to a door . Curiosity aroused in me . Without hesitation I decided to follow the footsteps . To my astonishment , I entered a place as black as tar . The darkness formed all sorts of uncanny shapes and weird creatures on the group of lilac trees that layed on the ground . 

Just then , I felt a hand touch me on my shoulder . As I turned around , I was almost terror-stricken by what I saw . A group of cannibals were behind  me waiting to devour my flesh . I stood frozen in my tracks until one of them tried to attack me . I then snapped out of my trance and as fast as a cheetah , I bolted away looking for the door . The door wasn't there anymore and as I kept looking for an exit I kept running into dead ends . That was when I realise that I was trapped in a maze .

However, my eyes caught a glimpse of sunlight but as I bollted towards it one of the cannibals grabbed my legs and soon they were all attacking me . I fell unconscious.

"Am I dead " I interrogated . I woke up in my bed . It was just a dream ... a dream that will forever be engraved in my memory ...

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