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Questions don't always come with answers, but they do in this case. Children wonder about the world like adults, but they only see what they want to see. This poem is about a homeless man, but beyond the idea of poverty.

Submitted: September 23, 2011

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Submitted: September 23, 2011



The other day,

when I went out to buy milk,

I saw a man

that filled me with guilt.


He wore a battered blue hoodie,

with colorless stretched jeans

I asked him why he sat so still

and why he looked so green.


He told me he hadn't eaten in days,

I asked him why so

He told me his son would come

with cookies wrapped in a bow


I offered him my pack

of oatmeal chocolate chips

He shook his head and refused

and I could see a tear drip


I asked him why he was crying

why he was so sad,

he told me I gave him hope

and made him very glad


I asked him why,

He told me that in times like these

hope was key

Without it, you could not live free

I asked him why

and he told me this:


Life is able to prove those foolish,

to prove those that do not treasure it,

to prove those that throw it away.

You must prove them wrong

and defy against all odds.

The only way that is possible,

is to stare.

Hold on to what is clear,

on to what keeps you alive


I asked him what that was to him,

he told me

he knew his son would be back with cookies


And today

I think of the man

with the gray, tattered jeans

and still don't know

what his words mean.

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