Torch Light

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This is a short ode to my darling, presented to her last valentines day.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012




Hello my torch-light

Hello my lover

My friend

My grin

My stalk

My footfall

Place your lilliputian confect hand in mine

And let us ride this train of glass

We stood there once, nearly three months ago

Ablaze in the station neon

Tracks by our feet

Steam snaking from every fissure

The long road prospering before us

To which there is no end

Tickets stamped one way

The only way it can be

or ought to be

We stand there hand in hand

Upon this great dais

This station built for two

Roused with potentiality

Its gas-lights screaming with vigor

The crystalline train gliding into the station

silent as dirt

Aglitter and beckoning

Like gold in a sift-pan

The second we stepped on that train

Our lives began

Our sojourn

The train slid out of the station

Like butter on a hot pan

And the world we knew dissolved away

This train is our world now

Lambent with magic and love

Full steam ahead

Well lubricated smooth and unsullied

Its glassen body bloated and effervescent

Maculate free, alacritous, verdant and barreling

We sit in reverence of our surroundings

The world a prism of light and beauty

The grass grows greener with every inch of ground covered

The trees grow taller

The sun more luminous

Our smiles broader

The ride will not always be so comely my love

The train will tarnish with age

The glassen structure will sully and darken

Its gate will slow as the greedy track pulls at it with iron claws and iron teeth

I hope that you do not grow to hate the world we have chosen

The beauty will become familiar

As everything does

The light will subdue

What once seemed new and electric and unspoiled

Will slide into usualness and routine

The train may become a prison at times of pain

But our love will remain

The glass may one day melt away

from the heat of its own friction

And leave us hand in hand

Barren and cold amid the track

But still, we will push on

Still hand and hand

because all we need is each other

And love is our road

To be traveled infinitum two steps at a time

Once the machine has melted away

You will light my way, and I you

And the journey will not melt away so easily as the train

The journey is not bound by mortal laws

Antediluvian functions and musings

It is a thing of love

And as I long as I have you, it shall continue on

Walk with me my dear

Walk with me my best of friends

My lover

My light

My tether

My footfall

I couldn't be happier taking this journey with anyone else

Walk with me my darling valentine


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Torch Light

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