this love is challanging

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one direction story

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012



this love is challanging

chapter 1


It was a hot sunny day, i was tired and upset, my boyfriend just broke up with me over text. i sat in my room scrolling through his pictures on facebook. i cant beleive i was crying over this kid, he always went out with girls and partied all night while i sat at home wondering where he was, i knew he was too good to be true. Derek was rude and a horrible person, so i decided to call my best friend.

"hey.." i said as their was a long pause i said," you were right, he did break up with me."

"i knew it, ill be over right away." he said. and just like that he was over in two seconds. we were best friends, he was my next door neighbor.

when i opened the door their i saw him, so stunning he took my breath away, seeing him always makes smile even though he is my best friend i have a huge crush on him! the way he smiles at me and yet hes so perfect in everyway possible i cant even think, his gorgeous brown hair and nice brown eyes makes me die"hey! what happend love tell me everything!" Liam said hugging me. We walked up to my room and i told him how he cheated on me with a girl named Sarah and Liam grabbed my hand," listen, Cassi, you cant always go back to him when he appologizes you need to stop listening to him when he appologizes and always seems like hes so innocent dont go back to him."

i started to cry, i had no idea Liam could give such good advice, i always new he was a good friend.

"well i have good news!! you will be coming on tour with us and you will be a backup dancer because of how amazing you are, and you just finished school so it will be a good vacation for you, what do you say? you will get to meet the lads!" Liam said.

"omg ! Liam!!! thanks! your such a good friend! love you!!" i said practically screaming!

"lets get to packing! we leave tomorrow!" he said. i smiled and grabbed my suit case, i was so excited, what a perfect way to get over Derek!


today finally arrived! i was with Liam on our way to meet the boys at the airport, we loaded our luggage onto the private jet and went into the plane to see 4 cute boys sitting and chatting.

"hey boys!" Liam said hugging them. i stood their soo awkward i had brown hair and blue eyes and i stood their playing with my hair while Liam was chatting.

"why am i so rude? boys this is Cassi and Cassi this is Zayn,Niall,Louis and Harry." Liam said telling me to sit as he sat beside me.

Harry definatly was the cutest and when we were up in the air Liam and Niall switched spots for a second, i didnt know Niall was beside me because i was looking out the window, but i knew when Niall was here because he asked if i had any food, i shook my head no i simply smiled and then turned to face him i didnt know what to say, his blonde hair and his beautiful eyes and i said," hi." HI?!?!?!? THATS ALL I SAID TO NIALL?!?!?!?!? he simply smiled and tmade me die he leaned in closer when Liam said," Niall can we switch spots now?" he leaned back and looked at Liam,"in a few minutes."  i laughed and he leaned back in," now, where were we?" he asked.

and then we kissed. it was simply magically and passionate in everyway possible and i cant beieve i kissed him. When we stopped i looked over to Liam and smiled, he smiled back but i could tell he wasnt happy in anyway.

i know i said i loved Liam but things change right? and i didnt think Liam felt the same, he told me he liked other girls like Danielle and i felt i never had a chance, or was he just lieing? i was so confused in everyway and Niall asked me that question every girl dreams a celebrity to ask her," Cassi, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked. and just then Liam yelled,"HEY NIALL ITS BEEN A WHILE, CAN I HAVE MY SEAT BACK?!?"Niall nodded and winked at me and walked back to his seat when Liam said,"dont date him he is trouble." i had no idea what he was talking about hes just jelous and i dont care, im going for him!

part 2 will be up soon!!!

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