Playing in the Dark

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A victim is tied up and being interrogated by a super villain

Submitted: February 12, 2014

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Submitted: February 12, 2014




The room was dark. At least it seemed dark from under the thin piece of cloth that I felt tied tightly around my eyes. I gasped through the piece of tape that was placed over my mouth. I could feel my lungs fill up with nothing and my body shaking from the lack of air that was going into my nose.

I could hear shuffling around me and quick whispers. The sound of water plopping from leaky pipes made it harder to hear. The room was dark, filled with tables, old furniture, and in the corner was a cage with evil looking cat that stared at me. Its eyes glowed red. I tried to talk, but it only came out as muffles. My hands were tightly bound behind my back. I felt helpless like a wounded animal. Then I heard a deep growl that came from behind me. The voice spoke into my ears.

“I hope you like my evil lair,” the voice said. “Now, tell me what you know about the Guardian.” The blind fold was ripped from my face then the tape from my mouth; a light blinded me making me close my eyes. When my vision returned I could see shapes around me, one leaning against a tool bench next to the wall. The voice that spoke was very revealing.

My mind was spinning and I couldn’t put the words together that he demanded. “Do you mean the Guardian, the superhero? Why would I know anything about him?” I asked trying to stop the ground from spinning below me. Slowly it began to correct itself as I tried to focus my eyes into the darkness.

The voice became angry and grew louder. “I said tell me about the Guardian!” the outline of a person said, slamming its fist on the bench. The pounding echoed in my head as an ache came over me.

The shadow stepped forward revealing a person that I didn’t recognize at first. Of course, as soon as the light bounced off his pale skin I recognized him as Dr. Shadow. He had a great big silver helmet with horns peeking out the top. What made me fear him the most was his long staff with a sharp point. I could feel my heart beat in my ears as I began to remember all of the horrible stories; the looting, the kidnapping, and bloody deaths. Two of his minions stood nearby, watching me closely.

“If you won’t tell me, maybe the princess will,” he said pulling the girl out from a door. Her hands were tied together, and her pink dress ripped.

“Please, I don’t know anything!” I said pleading. “If I knew something, I’d tell you! Please just let her go.” I watched Dr. Shadow pace before me, like a lion stalking his prey. Eyeing me like some kind of helpless animal.

 “Well, if you are telling the truth I will think about your release. Until then I will—. “A loud THUMP came behind me as I felt the breeze of an object go past my head and hit him in the chest. Dr. Shadow stumbled backwards and fell into a table. A shape shot past me and I heard a scuffle followed by loud screaming as one of the minions fell to my feet. The other minion yelled in pain as he began to get up slowly. “He’s here!” Dr. Shadow yelled.

Soon enough I saw him. The Guardian stood in front me with his blue pants, black shirt and red cape. His face was concealed by a mysterious green mask.

“I don’t know who said you could cause such trouble Dr. Shadow!” he yelled running past me. The next thing I heard was a loud crash behind me. I turned my body to see what was happening.

Oh, how amazing it was! The Guardian would swing his fist. “BAM!” Direct hit in the face! Dr. Shadow would come back with a kick and “POW”! Right in the gut! They pushed each into file cabinets, old discarded sofas. It was so exciting to see them fight. At least it was until I heard the loud crash.

“What happened? Who’s hurt?” I asked looking all around me, but the light hanging from above suddenly blinded me from seeing anything. The scream transformed into a wailing cry. I felt myself breathe out as I saw my brother, Jared, standing in front of the light bent over and crying as hard as he could.

“What did you do? You always ruin everything!” I said looking at Jared. I turned my head to look for my best friend Bobby. He was sitting on the ground with his green felt mask that hung around his neck and his bed sheet tied around his shoulders. “Untie me so I can help you,” I said as I felt Bobby’s hands try to untie mine. I felt the string tied around my hands loosen then fall to the floor. Bobby took off the bucket from his head.

“You ripped my dress,” my little sister Brittany said looking at her princess costume. “I’m telling Mommy!” She started to sob as she clenched her tiny hands.

“No, please don’t tell Mom!” I said running to her. I knelt and placed my hands on her shoulders. “If you do I will never ever let you play with us again.”

She sat down on the concrete floor, glaring darkly at me. For a moment I let my imagination take over again. I wondered if she was really working with Dr. Shadow all along. Of course, I would have figured it out before The Guardian had saved us. Bobby sighed taking off his toy Viking helmet. He looked at his brothers, Brian and Ryan, who were dusting off their oversized shirts.

“I think we better go upstairs before anyone else gets hurt,” he said standing up. “I am sorry that I hurt you Jared.” he walked over to the corner and picked up our cat Fluffy from his kennel. The cat meowed and purred loudly as he made his way up the steps. Brittany followed him closely behind.

“I guess we better go too,” I said looking at Jared. I slid my arm around his shoulder and led him towards the landing, feeling him sob with every step. “Do you think Mommy will make me a sandwich?” he asked, his voice whimpering. “I hope so,” I said opening the door to the bright light of the kitchen where the world was safe from evil villains.



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