The Lost Boat.

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A man lost

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013





Rolling blue is all he could see in every direction. His vision swayed slowly with the rocking of the boat. The boat could only go along with the waves because it was overpowered by the fierce power of each crash. White caps on sea water as the salt spread his face making him wince. Where was he? He had no idea and now he was stuck on the boat.

The man tried to use his arm to paddle the boat but soon it only became cold and tired sifting through the rough water. When the wind picked up all he could do was brace himself against the side it rocked him side to side and sometimes throwing him to the bottom of the boat.

As his head hit the bottom he noticed a capped bottle with a small piece of white cloth. Quickly he grabbed the bottle and uncorked it. Shaking the bottle upside down, he watched as it fell out and landed at his feet. Slowly reaching for it he turned it over to see small, elegant handwriting.

“All you have to do is rise above the clouds”

The man raised his gaze to the sky. The words slowly escaped his lips as he looked around him. In every direction was endless blue sky with the bright yellow ball hanging above him. The wind slowed to calm and the man felt the boat go still. No wind in the air around him made the warmth of the sun beat down on him. No other time had he felt so alone.

More to come…

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