The Oasis

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An old story of mine that I had on another site and decided to switch over.

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017






After a long hot day in the desert we came onto the oasis.  The sun kissed the horizon as we made our way through the ruins to the water.  Our guide tried to hurry us up filling our water skins and returning to our camp.  But we were still lingering as the moon creped over the horizon and she appeared across the pool of water from us.  Her clothes were from another age, but she would be beautiful in any age.  I moved towards her as if drawn by invisible strings.  Mohammad our guide grabbed my arm and pulled me back to our camp.  For an hour he and my friends kept me from going to her while I was in a crazed state of mind.  Later as we set around the fire that night I asked Mohammed about the ghost.


Her name was Sarah and she had been part of a caravan that was attacked by raiders.  She was the only survivor and spent four days wandering the desert without water before stumbling into this oasis.  Her survival was a given except the raiders were here already.  For several days they tortured her, enjoying her pain and suffering.  When she died they dragged her body out into the desert to rot.  Weeks passed and the raiders continue to use the oasis as a base until a guard got turned around in the darkness and fell down a dry well breaking his neck.  The next night the guard just simple disappeared, he toke no mount or water skins.  This frightened the other raiders and they started claiming the oasis was haunted.


Their leader brow beat them back into line and informed them that there was a traitor in their midst.  He pointed out the fact that they had been there a long time and the deaths had just started.  He ordered two to stand all guard shifts until the traitor was found.  The guards continued to die every night, but now it was two at a time.  Soon the band of twenty was reduced to six members, but the leader refused to let them leave until the traitor was found.  They even stopped raiding the caravans until he was found out. 


The leader stayed up secretly one night to see if he could catch the traitor at his dirty work.  She walked out of the darkness and straight up to one of the guards.  The other guard didn’t seem to see her.  She spoke softly and rubbed on the guard enticing him into the darkness.  The leader watched entranced by this stunning beauty.  She led the guard out of the light into the night.  A few minutes later she returned alone and headed for the other guard.


The leader acted without a thought.  He charged her with his scimitar drawn yelling his war cry.  His war cry turns to 1 of terror as she turned on him and revealed her true face to him.  The leader turns and ran into the night.  His screams had awoken his men and with one look at the ghost they fled.


I asked Mohammad how he came to know this story and he explained that the raiders perished in the desert, but not before their leader had told the whole story to a group of desert nomads.  The nomads visited the oasis and the ghost visited them during the night and one of the nomads had followed the ghost into the darkness never to be seen again.


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