Dream of Infinity

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Dreams are somewhere that you know you can always escape to and be whoever you want in. For Monica, she dreams of the perfect boyfriend, the boy who treats her like a princess. What happens when this boy turns out not only to be real, but to move to her school. Everything seems fine until something steps in the way that changes everything and their dream of infinity together is threatened.
live life with no regrets, only love

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013




“I knew you would like them,” Aayden said to me.

I squealed like a little girl when he pulled out two yellow tulips, my absolute favorite.

“Aayden, thank you, they’re beautiful.” I whispered, I hated showing vulnerability, even to Aayden.

He wrapped me in his arms and we stood there just like that.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. My clock broke into the dream I wish I could play over and over. Aayden loves me, I swear, now only if he was real. He treats me like princess and that’s exactly how boys in real life don’t act. If they treated women like he treated me then the world would be a place of love. Of course, that doesn’t happen and all guys are douche bags and just want to have sex. I love Aayden and I planned on telling him that over and over until he was real.

I sighed as I rolled over to look at my alarm clock; 7:30 blared in my face. Damn, I had half an hour until school started. Mom hadn’t woken me up at seven like I asked. I was going to be late again and I could tell the day was not going to get better because the radio kept playing commercials, usually a sign that I should just stay in bed. That wasn’t going to happen though because I had to welcome the new kids to school. As I thought about it, it became funnier and more ironic but I crawled out of bed at a snail like pace. I dressed in the uniform issued to all students and put my hair up into the messiest bun ever, applying little amounts of make up here and there until I saw myself in a good light.

Breakfast included daydreams of Aayden, burnt toast, and orange juice that had a load of pulp floating right at the top, daring me to drink it. I didn’t, instead I dumped it and ate the burnt toast. I cleaned up after myself and headed out to my car that would break down at any minute if I let it. As soon as I pulled into the school parking lot for seniors and honor students only, the bell rang. I ran inside to the office and waited for Mrs. Brunner to escort me to her office. She almost didn’t realize I was there because there were many others in the seats around me.

She pulled me into her office where one lone boy sat in a chair facing her desk. As I shut the door behind me, my skirt got caught in between the door and the wall so I had to fiddle with it until it came free without opening the door again, causing extra attention on me and that was not what I needed.

“Mr. Shabrinski, this is Monica Kasey, she is an excellent student. She will be showing you around until you feel comfortable enough with the school.” Mrs. Brunner said to him and then to me she said, “Monica, this is Aayden Shabrinski.”

Aayden? Could it be my knight in shining armor from my dreams, literally? My skirt came free from the door and I stumbled a bit to regain my balance. He stood, turned to look at me, and my heart stopped. It was him.


I saw her eyes widen and her hands grip her books a little tighter. I smirked, waiting for her to lead me to my locker. Monica was a little taller in real life and her hair a little shorter. That was supposed to happen though, the Dreamworld let you embrace your inner person you wish you were. She looked confused, her eyebrows came together, connected by a dimple that appeared when she did this only. I wonder to myself how long we were standing there, looking at each other and me wondering if she recognized me. She probably did by the way she was holding her books to her chest like they were a life raft.

The fat lady behind the desk raised an eyebrow at Monica, “Is there a problem?”

Monica shakes her head and gives a tight smile to no one in particular then proceeding to lead me out of the main office. She never said a word while she took me to my locker and then to my first class. During this time I was silent too, but I was thinking that it would be best not to behave like I do in our dreams. I wouldn’t want her to think that I would actually talk to her and act in that lovey-dovey way in reality. I attempted to get her to say something before heading into my first class.

“So are you a mute, or what?” I said like a jerk, knowing she wasn’t.

When she didn’t say anything I just threw her one of my lazy smiles I knew that girls would get hooked on. I purposefully acted like an asshole to throw her off a bit but I knew that I would have to do some major sucking up tonight. I didn’t have to visit her tonight anyway, if it was that bad, I could try a new girl a blonde who fills out every stereotype in the book. After all I am a dream jumper so I don’t have to be tied down to just Monica. She is holding out my schedule and telling me where to go for each one, she is pointing and looking in the direction. Damn, she’s cute with her hair tucked behind her ears.

“Hey, sweetheart, I didn’t get any of that.” I say in all seriousness and fulfilling my jerk-like ways.

She looks surprised but her face slowly crumbles into a scowling face that makes me laugh. Monica starts to tell me all over again but by this point the teacher has spotted her and me in the hallway and is glaring from the doorway. I lean in and curl a finger around her chin, kissing her softly and whispering that I’ll see her after class. The teacher clears his throat and we separate before I look back to see her face. I walk into the classroom to find the whole class in their spunky little uniforms staring at me.

Spotting a blonde in the middle, surrounded by what I assumed were her posse I sat down in one that belonged to a girl sharpening her pencil in the back. The blonde smiled when I loosened my tie and gave her a lazy smile all the while playing with my hair. Hook, line and sinker. I had to play the part if I wanted Monica to believe me right? The girl who I stole the seat from came back and tapped me on the shoulder with a long painted finger nail.

“That’s my seat,” she said in a rather snarky tone.

“Well, I’m gonna sit here now, deal?” I don’t continue to look at her after that.

She made this noise that only girls can make from the back of her throat to show she was disgusted.

“Destiny, please just choose a new seat we need to get started.” teacher man said to Destiny.

She made the noise again and went to the very back where there was but one seat available.

“Mr. Shabrinski, making new enemy’s in the first block of the day I see,” the teacher looked over his glasses at me.

“I’ll be your friend,” said the blond who was twirling her hair, “I’m Phoebe.”

A/N: I know I said that I would update every week but i wouldn't have been able to tomorrow so here is the second chapter a day early, rather than a day late. live life with no regrets, only love <3


I didn’t bother wondering about Aayden like many other girls would have. He was testing me, gaging my reaction, setting up his next move. I refuse to be a pawn in his chess game, besides the real Aayden would show up in my dreams tonight and he won’t treat me like this. I was surprised to find him waiting for me with a lazy smile on his face, I really wanted to slap the smugness off his face and scream at him to act like he does in my dreams. If he is the real dream Aayden, that is.

“Sugar pop, where is science?” he asked me when I reached him.

I sighed and told him the directions by pointing again and he did as I said, going to science. Sugar pop? I thought, who does he think he is? Throughout my business class I found it had to focus and that I was drawing his chin, not his eyes like a normal person. Finally, when the bell rang, I rushed out into the hallway and into the cafeteria. To my utter surprise Aayden was sitting with Phoebe and her posse, with his arm slung around the back of her chair. A lump rose into my throat that I had to choke down as I put on my best I-don’t-care face and sat with my friends Marissa and Sandra who were whispering about something.

“What’s all the whispering about?” I said, clearing my throat.

“The new guy,” Marissa gushed.

“Isn’t he yummy?” Sandra said as an afterthought.

“I guess, I mean he’s not really my type.” I shrug.

Both of their jaws dropped, “You’ve met?”

“Yeah, I have to make him ‘feel welcome’ because I am an ‘exceptional student’.” I air quoted.

“So jealous,” Sandra put a hand to her chest and looked off dreamily.

“Sshh! He’s coming over here, act cool.” Marissa slapping the air with her palm, collecting our attention.

“Hello ladies,” I heard a smooth voice behind me and it took everything I had not to look at him, “Monica, sweet cheeks, will you be joining me for lunch?”

“No,” I denied immediately.

They all gave me horrified looks, “what?”

“I said no, you seem to have made friends, I’m with mine, and your breath stinks.” I sprinkled that with lies.

Marissa woke up from her Aayden influenced trance first, “Monica, go with him, you sit with us every day, go make him feel welcome.”

Sandra sat there with sadistic eyes and a smile on her face when I looked over at her but she threw me in the pit.

“Go with this strapping young man, being such and exceptional student, you hardly have time for men and you’re not getting any more single than you already are. Plus Marissa and I were planning to go out to eat anyway.” she winked.

Aayden smiled at her thankfully, “See, your friends don’t want to have lunch with you. So come with me.”

“They never said-­” with that I was whisked away to lunch with Aayden.


Should I keep up my new persona…? I thought as I dragged Monica to my car. She stubbornly got into the passenger side seat and looked dead ahead with her arms crossed.

“Where are we going?” she asked with only a glance in my direction.

“Oh, I have no clue.” I smirked deciding, yes I should continue it.

“What?” she cried out.

“I’m offended! Are you saying that you don’t want to have lunch with me?” I said mimicking her tone.

“No, that was up to my friends.” She crawled back into her shell.

“Should I have asked one of them?” I asked.

“Yes,” she was giving me a once over to make sure that I was serious.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that you didn’t like me.” I said, sliding back into dream me.

“I-what?” she seemed surprised.

I laughed, “What are you what-ing me about?”

“You just did a total one eighty.” Monica said.

“Sweetie, I have a reputation to uphold. With you it’s different.” I hedged.

“Why?” trying to get at what I was saying.

“Because we dream together, you know the real me. I’m too soft, I’ll get pushed around.” I explain.

She was silent for a couple minutes, chewing over what I just said. We drove around; I had no clue where I was going for five whole minutes before she spoke and when she did it was so quiet I hardly even heard her.

“I believe you.”

I let out a breath that I was holding, “Good, so… you mind telling me where I’m going?”

She laughed, it was lighter and more like a song not like in Dreamworld where everything had a hollow feel.

“Go left, down to the second stop light and then a left.” She instructed.

We headed back to the school in which time she asked questions and I answered them happily.

“So is your hair actually that color or did you dye it so I wouldn’t recognize you?” Monica wondered.

“The is my natural hair color, it changes in the dreamworld.” I knew there were more questions coming so I continued, “Dreamworld is the place where two can meet who have same soul or soul mates. We can change certain things about ourselves but it is unconscious so things that we really want to have or be like we are in the dreamworld.”

That shut her up for a few seconds as we came to a stoplight at which there was a honk and I looked to find Phoebe lifting her shirt up. I smiled politely and then I realized that Phoebe didn’t see Monica sitting beside me, but Monica saw Phoebe. I played up my jerk-like antics by lifting up my own shirt and winking at her before her car shot off down the street when the light changed. I swallowed and looked over at Monica who was looking at Phoebe’s car with no expression at all.


What the hell? I thought. The minute we pulled back into the school parking lot I shot off to the safety of my friends. We had been having a fun time until Phoebe at the stop light. Did he forget me when she pulled up and flashed her breasts? My face blazed as I pushed my way into the bathroom, I may not have silicone attached to my chest but I thought I was at least a little entertaining. What was up with the dreamworld? Changing who you want to be? It was all too much, I felt weak as I sat down on the toilet seat and just when I thought I would be fine again I heard high heels clicking into the bathroom. I looked down at my flats…

“Aayden so was with her, that slut probably wants the d and he went for a bang session.” I heard Phoebe say.

I chocked when I heard that, if anything I was the least slutty person between the two of us.

“He showed me his nipples though, God, he has nice pecks, I bet he has the v leading down to his penis.” She gloated.

“Phoebe,” sighed her friend Cassidy, “I don’t give one single flick what he has or doesn’t have, I like girls remember?”

Cassidy was gay?

“Can’t you even pretend to be excited for me?” Phoebe whined.

“Only if I get-“

“Fine,” Phoebe cut her off.

“Oh my lordy, I bet he does and I hope you get all fifty inches that he’s probably packing!” Cassidy cried sarcastically as I saw her get two handfuls of Phoebe’s breasts.

“Thank you, even though that wasn’t very good.” Phoebe clicked out and Cassidy strode out of the bathroom.

I stood and inspected myself in the bathroom, I was pale and dizzy. I needed to stay away from Aayden if I knew what was good for me. Leaving the bathroom I went to my locker that had been vacated because the bell had rung some time ago. I called my mother to pick me up which she was none too happy about after all it was only the first day and was I going to pull this shit every day? My mom left as soon as I closed the front door so I took a deep breath and sank down to the floor. Taking very deep breaths I got more and more tired but I felt the need to check. I spread my legs and reached down to see if I was wet. Well, something had turned me on at school… Damn, I thought and climbed up the stairs and into a warm shower to calm down. Afterward I fell to sleep still in my towel and my hair unbrushed.

A/N: Sorry guys, i didn't update last Thursday so I put up today's and last week's. I have been working on Free Runner so my schedual is all messed up. Live life with no regrets, only love. <3

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