Eye of a Murderer

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Previously, Bree pushed Dane into a wall and ended his young life. Despaired for her doings, she seeks death because she is scared of forever guiltiness, or should she tell the world of her doings and despair her family forever?

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



Bree looked at the bottle of pills in her hands, she placed her hand on the blue lid and twisted, the lid slid off easily then Bree had expected. 

So this was it, Bree lifted up her head high and then walked towards the window. The sky was still grey and sun was still covered by the clouds. Everything looked go gloomy, but Belle knew, it the sun still shone today, outside would beautiful. With tall greens trees pointed towards the sky, into the beautiful blue space and the green grass flowing along the ground and flowers lifting thier head's up towards the dancing sunbeams. Bree smiled as she thought of that, maybe heaven was like that, with blue skies and pretty flowers...

But Bree shook her head quickly, she'll go to hell, not heaven.

She had killed Dane, pushed him into a wall. Bree didn't deserve heaven.

A tear slid down Bree's cheeks, down the arch of her chin and landed on her bare toe. More slid down, quickly and soon, Bree was sobbing. 

There was a family she was throwing away, there were friends who cared for her, there were her future plans she wanted, her dream boy, the release of Short Stack's next album, more lollies to eat, and the magazines she needed to finish, and getting another five bucks so she could buy that pretty ornament, she still needed to eat seafood pasta  cooked by her mum and she still needed to finish the final chapter of that awesome book...so much things for her to do.

And now, it Bree swallowed that tablet, all these things were impossible to complete. Ever, never ever, ever, able to complete.

Bree pictured her mum opening the room's door, and finding her lying on the bed, cold, still, dead. How much sadness her mum would feel? How many tears will her dad weep? How many moans and despair would there be?

Bree shook her head, she couldn't let that happen. No. Never.

With might, Bree threw the bottle back onto the shelf and ran out the room. Death was now, not an option.

Bree almost smiled with relief.

She wasn't even scared of death, what else in the world could possibly scare her?


Bree's mum looked at her face and smiled, "What do you want to tell me, Bree dear?" 

Bree looked down at her fluffy slippers, she was going to tell her mum she had killed Dane. That, was diffucult. It was was more diffucult then when Bree scored NOT ACCEPTABLE on her report when she was in second grade. It was more diffuclut then when she told her that she was dating a boy four years older then her. It was more diffucult than when her little brother asked her how humans have babies. This was way, way, way more diffucult.

"Mum...I did something horribly wrong. Probaley the most worst thing I ever done, I will do. I ask for all your understanding that I didn't mean to, that it was an complete accident..." Bree trailed off, noticing her mum and dad's frowning faces.

There was a silence, a very dark silence that Bree was desperate to break.

Finally, her Dad spoke slowly, "Don't tell me you...did it with Johan." 

Bree almost burst into laughter. Her dad thought she had sex with her boyfriend? Haha, Bree smiled without humor and shook her head. She slmost wished that was the truth instead of the real truth. 

"It's more serious, Dad." Bree said quietly, looking at the ground again.

Her Dad looked at her for a moment then gasped.

"NO! YOU ARE NOT!" he roared.

Bree's mum placed a hand on his shoulders, sighing him to calm.

With a calm smile, Bree's mum placed a hand on Bree's.

"Are you pregnent?" she asked, still smiling.

Bree had expected this. She calmly shook her head and smiled back.

"No mum. What I done is more serious. I can...I can go to jail." Bree breathed the last word, it sent a cold breeze through the room.

"Please countine." her mum said.

Bree closed her eyes that almost seemed like ten years, then she found herself saying the words she so feared.

"I killed Dane Jackson."

Bree opened her eyes to see her mother's smile gone, replaced was only an expression of pain and shock. Her dad, too, was sitting there without blinking, with his mouth opened like a little "O".

"No...you didn't." after what seemed like years, Bree's mum finally spoke. 

Bree broke into tears and uttered a soft, "Yes, I did." 

There was a cry of despair, breaking of China glass and more cries.

"That's all I wanted to tell you." with a sniff, Bree entered the room and hoped she could never get out of it again. 





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