Series of Children of Ashnibus, the Rise of Sartos. CHAP. 1

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Chapter 1 of my first novel.

As Belle is a unique teenager with exquiste powers, they don't know that mankind is at risk from Sartos, a powerful coven of supernatural talents...just like Belle herself.
Belle and her supernatural friends, must risk all danger, and become saviours.

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



Chapter 1

Normal Life

The autumn air flew through Belle’s hair as she walked towards school, stupid, she thought, why do I have to go to school when I’m a girl with superpowers? She kicked a leaf, the leaf blasted three meters away, causing a soft, swift wind.

Belle wasn’t normal, not like normal everyday kids who sit there playing theirs DS or those who sit here with their boyfriends. She was a Freenion, that meant she had the energy and power of the Ancient planet, called Ashnimbus. On the whole of planet earth, Freenions were incredibility rare, so rare that humans had no idea they even existed. Like Belle herself, she had joined a group of Freenions leaded by an middle-aged man called Phil, others called him Dr. R, their mission was to find Freenions and tell them about their powers, and also, save humans from harm. But since the humans don’t even know their existence, it became more difficult to save humans, so now, the Freenions had to live normal lives like normal people. Belle snorted, stupid, she thought, why can’t the stupid government reveal them? True, among all humans, only the government knew their existence, but that was like top, top, top, super top secret information. Rumors say if you reveal this secret, you stay in jail for more than fifty years.

“Hey, quiet girl! What up?” Belle turned around and saw Nathan and his bunch of bullies behind her. Belle was a quiet girl at school, she hardly talked among normal humans, she found it hard to participate among them.

“What do you want?” Belle tried to sound harsh and brave, but it came out like a squeak. The boys laughed.

“Hey, someone said you got out of water without being wet, what do you say?” Nathan jeered.

Belle stiffened, her special ability was to control water in any way she wanted, like, Poseidon’s daughter or something. She could also turn invisible, and create force-fields, but the force-fields were pretty weak since Belle had nowhere to practice.

“Well, they didn’t see it right.” Belle answered back, biting her lip, she sounded like an idiot.

“Yeah, you’re just a freak, a weirdo!” Nathan said back, pulling faces at Belle.

“Come on, Nat, leave her alone. We’ve got better things to do.” Belle looked across Nathan and realized it was Hamish, Nat’s best buddy.

Nat shoved Belle and walked across the grass into school. Hamish smiled at Belle, “Sorry kid, if I were you, I’ll keep away from him.” then he winked at Belle and ran across to Nathan and punched his shoulder.

Belle stared angrily at Nathan and his group of dumb friends, we’ll see, she thought, we’ll see who loses at the end.

As Belle set foot in school, the bell rang. The children hurried into corridors and opened lockers to put in and pull out stuff. Belle’s locker was at the bottom, as she opened her locker, the person that owned the locker on top of her steeped on her palm. Belle glared at the person and then went back to getting her science stuff out.

People in Belle’s school always thought she was a normal girl, a very normal Grade 10 with brown eyes, brown hair and red lips. They always thought Belle was quiet, she never talked in class, the teacher never yelled at her, and her only friend was Grade 9 Lucy Cunnings. Lucy was normal, she was a red-head that was an expert at Math, and she was loud. Some people don’t know how Lucy and Belle got mixed together, one was loud, one was quiet. But, Belle could be loud, she wanted to be loud, but, among humans, Belle didn’t find herself fitting in, she hated that feeling.

As Belle walked into class, she smiled at her favourite teacher, Mr. Dawn, he was Belle’s science teacher, as he was the only teacher that talked to Belle about her studies and her life.

Belle shifted herself towards her desk, where she had to sit next to a fat boy named Andy. “Hi, Belle.” Andy smiled at Belle, showing his rosy cheeks. Belle smiled back, she was glad not everyone in this school was heartless.

After a long 50 minute period of science, the bell rang. The students sighed and hurried out the door. “How’s your parents, Belle?” Mr. Dawn asked, smiling and looking at Belle. Belle smiled back, “They’re great, Mr. Dawn. Thanks.”

As recess came, Belle went to join Lucy, Lucy was talking to Cassi, the popular girl around Grade 9’s. Belle, making sure no one was watching her, quickly turned herself invisible, and walked towards Lucy.

“Lucy, why don’t you join our group?”

“No, I’ve got Belle.”

“You mean Belle Taroo, that Grade 10 freak who never talks?”

“She’s not a freak, Cassi. She could be funny sometimes, and she’s really nice. I don’t want to just ditch her.”

“You’re not, Lucy, you’re just…leaving her alone for a while.”

“Thanks for the offer, Cas, but I’m not leaving Belle.”

Belle smiled and appeared out of thin air again, making sure Lucy wasn’t watching.

“Hello Lucy.”

Lucy jumped, but smiled when she saw Belle, “Oh, it’s you. Hey.” Lucy said, she sounded almost a bit guilty.

“You okay?” asked Belle, staring into Lucy’s unsettled eyes.

Lucy managed a friendly smile, “Of course I’m fine, dude.” She laughed and put her arms around Belle’s neck.

The truth was, sometimes, Lucy wanted to be in the other girl’s group, being with Belle all the time made her bored, even tiring. But something about Belle was different, that little glint in her eyes. It made Lucy feel that Belle was…special in some way. Lucy remembered one year ago, that summer, where Belle and herself became good friends.

It was very hot that day, Lucy saw Belle sitting under a tree reading a book. But what was weird was Belle did not look hot, she looked happy, like it was a sunny spring morning instead of a hot dry summer day. Lucy realized how hot she was herself, and walked towards Belle.

“Hi, I was wondering if I could share the shade with you.” Lucy asked, pointing at the tree, and smiling.

“Um…yes. I mean sure.” Belle said, as she smiled back and making some room for Lucy.

Lucy sat down and read the cover of the book Belle was reading, Jane Eyre.

“Good book, isn’t it?” Lucy said, pointing at Belle’s book.

“What? Oh, yeah, um…sure, good book. I love the author, Charlotte Bronte.” Belle said, tapping the book with her fingers.

“Yes, but I prefer Jane Austen, I love Pride and Prejudice.” Lucy remarked, picking the grass.

Belle looked at this Grade 8 girl with red hair and braces, brown eyes and red cheeks. Could she be a Freenion? No, not likely, they’re too rare.
I’m Lucy Cunnings. I’m in Grade 8.” Lucy said, holding out a hand for Belle to shake.

“I’m Belle Taroo, I’m in Grade 9. Nice to meet you.” She grasped Lucy’s hand, shaking it warmly.

Lucy stared into Belle’s warm brown eyes, when she noticed that little glint in her eyes, that glint that made Belle look special.

“I like your eyes, Belle.” Lucy said.

Belle blushed, “Thanks, means a lot.” She replied, smiling.

“So what are you doing on the weekends?” asked Belle.

Lucy’s mind trailed back to the present. “Going to the pool, and I’ve got karate lessons.” Lucy replied, as they started strolling towards a bench.

As they sat down, Belle felt a sharp bang on her back, she turned around swiftly and saw Nathan, laughing so hard at Belle. Belle realized a football had hit her. She threw it back aimlessly with too much force and it hit Nathan on the head. He stopped laughing, instead, his face grew furious. He marched over to Belle. “Get a grip, dude. Leave her.” said Lucy sternly.

Nat just chuckled, and pushed Lucy to the ground.

“You know what, freak. Keep out of my way or you’ll be sorry” Nat said, smirking. He turned his back to go, but Lucy got up from the ground and kicked him, Nat turned to punch, but Lucy grabbed his fist and twisted.

“Shit! Are you kung-fu panda or something?” Nathan said, scowling, he went away.

Belle smiled. “Thanks, Lucy.”

“Good thing I learn Karate, that idiot better keep out of my way.” Lucy said proudly.

Belle sighed angrily inside, she was the supernatural kind here, why was a mortal girl protecting her? Why can’t she use her powers on pathetic boys like Nathan?

“I’m a black belt, you know, could kick as high as that tree. Ok, kidding, maybe not that tree. You know…” Lucy went on about her karate move and awards.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with Nathan and his buddies, picking on girls like you, he ought to be ashamed.” Lucy said, kicking a stick.

Belle bit her lip to stop herself from screaming, the way Lucy said it, how she said, ‘girl’ and ‘you’, made her sound so weak and small, like a powerless baby.

“What would you do?” Belle asked Lucy, trying to sound calm.

Lucy snorted, “Me? I’ll grind his bones, mash his meat. I’m not just any girl he can pick on.” Lucy said proudly.

Belle gripped her fist. So Lucy was powerful than her? She looked at Lucy again, trying to find something unusual that would prove Lucy a Freenion. Nothing. Belle felt even angrier.

As time flew, Belle hurried home. She barged through her front door and greeted her mum. “Hello Belle, how was school?”


Belle went into the kitchen to find her dad cooking pancakes. “Hey kid, how was school?” asked Belle’s Dad.

“Good.” Belle opened the fridge and poured some milk into a glass cup, “Just some idiots.”

Belle’s Dad looked at Belle, “You mean Nathan Rattio? I know his father, arrogant old man.”

Belle looked and Dad, “Dad, why can’t I use my powers?”

Her Dad laughed, “If you want to go to jail for fifty years, then turn invisible and beat Nathan up and then blast his face with water.”

“I’m sick of it! It’s so stupid!”

“Calm down, Belle. You’ll be fine.”

Belle sighed, gulped down her milk and went to her room.

Belle’s room was messy, her bed was never made, and her desk was filled with juice cartons and biscuit wrappings. Her floor was worse, clothes there, papers here, and also all type of gadgets, Freenion gadgets. There was a picture of Belle and her parents when Belle was 3, long before when Belle had discovered her powers.

Belle’s parents were normal, Belle’s mother Heidi gave birth to Belle without knowing she was a Freenion, nor did her father Toby know.

When Belle was four month old, a man told them that Belle was a Freenion, a girl with supernatural powers from the planet of Ashnimbus. Then when Belle was five, Belle’s dad told her the truth, and by the age of 10, Belle could control her powers. Then, she joined the group of Freenions run by Dr. Phil R, they practiced their powers and trained. Dr. R could read minds and control them, but he made a promise to Belle that he would never read Belle’s mind.

Belle smiled at the thought. Belle looked at the clock, it was nearly four, she could go down to Dr. R and practice.

Belle walked towards the park, she saw the familiar tree with the low branch, as she sat on it, she tugged on one of the roots, the soil beneath her shuddered, and she pushed at the ground, after five seconds she found herself underground, looking at a bright blue wall and tables you might find in a science lab. Bars and ropes used to training were at the other end, while there were four other rooms for private trainings.

Belle passed some familiar faces, Nancy, Melinda, Ria, Jason, Eddie, Opal and many others. “Hey, Belle! How’s school?” asked Jason, winking at Belle.

Belle poked her tongue at him, “You know.”

Indeed, Jason did, Jason’s eyes were so powerful he could see the other end of the world by his naked eye, he could also see through things, including curtains, walls and—clothes. But Jason promised he wouldn’t go around looking through girl’s clothes, but Belle always felt unsure around him. Jason was one year older than Belle and acted like a big brother around Belle.

Belle waved at some other people, she felt happy around Freenions, they were like her, and she was like them, Training HQ was the only place Belle loved to be. She walked towards Dr. R office, his office door was bright yellow with a sticky sign on it: Knock and Enter.

Belle knocked, “Come in, Belle.” The friendly warm voice sounded muffled through the door.

Belle opened the door and smiled at Dr. R, he had blue eyes and light brown hair and his face was wrinkly, Belle wondered was it because he smiled too much. Next to Dr. R, a man stood, facing his back on Belle. Belle looked at him suspiciously, he looked familiar, his hair was that special gold with frizzles.

“Hi, Dr. R. Who’s this?” Belle asked.

“Somebody you’ll like to see.” Dr. R said, smiling again until his face wrinkled up.

The man turned around, he had hazel green eyes and he wore thick round glasses, Belle gasped. The man grinning at Belle with his green eyes shining was Belle’s most favorite teacher in the world, Mr. Dawn.

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