An Apology by DisguisedSoul

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This was for a writing exercise where you write an apology to the reader. This ended up being a break-up note to one of my ex's. And someone already used the Title "An Apology" and I couldn't use it apparently so I added my name and that's the reason it's like that. Enjoy! :)

An Apology


On a beautifully cold night
That was when I met you
We were all Dressed to the nines
And in the dim flickering lights
Was you
The next few days were cute
I felt special when I saw you
Then we were together
Although, trust was not found
And others words became more powerful
To you than mine
I was troubled
I gave you no reason not to trust me
Yet you did not
So the end approached
I felt nothing anymore
When I saw your smile to me
Because you did not trust me
But this is what I did feel
That you deserved
An Apology

Submitted: November 15, 2012

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Charles Mausolf

Well, been a while since I stopped by. I like this poem. There could be a lot of different meanings. Poems with that flex ability is hard to do at times. But this was well done.

Sat, June 15th, 2013 11:02pm

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