Germany has largest ever Cocaine seizure.

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Germany seizes record Cocaine shipment


German Port of Hamburg seized more than 4,200 packages in 211 sports bags were discovered in a freight container that shippers claimed was full of soybeans. German authorities confiscated 4.5 meteric tons of cocaine (with a street value of $1.1 billion).

The shipment was from Montevideo in Uruguay via Hamburg to Antwerp, Belgium.

02.08.2019 - 10:00

Main Customs Office Hamburg

HZA-HH: Customs in Hamburg finds 4.5 tons of cocaine / Largest ever seized in Germany seized single amount discovered on a container ship

Hamburg (ots)

Once again, the customs in Hamburg can record a sensitive blow against international drug-related crime. Two weeks ago, forces at the Hauptzollamt Hamburg, following a previous risk analysis, examined a suspicious container from Montevideo destined for Antwerp. When they opened the container, which according to the Manifesto was loaded with soybeans, they initially saw only a large amount of black sports bags. In the 211 bags, the officials then discovered over 4,200 packets of pressed cocaine. The total weight of the illegal product is 4.5 tons.

This enormous amount represents the largest individual security of cocaine in Germany and builds on the successes of the Hamburg customs in the last two years. In 2017, around 3.8 tonnes of cocaine were withdrawn from service through three individual seizures.

Assuming that probably the very pure cocaine is stretched to three times the amount for street sales, the 4.5 tons have a street sales value of nearly one billion euros.

"This outstanding success proves once again how powerfully German customs fight crime. With its sophisticated risk analysis, customs succeed in opening the right containers and extracting illegal goods from the enormous number of containers that pass through the Port of Hamburg every day, "emphasizes the State Secretary in charge of customs at the Federal Ministry of Finance. Rolf Bösinger.

The further investigation, in particular to the clients, leads the customs investigation office Hamburg on behalf of the public prosecutor's office Hamburg.

The seized cocaine has already been destroyed under strict secrecy and extensive security measures.


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Hauptzollamt Hamburg
Press Office
Oliver Bachmann



Submitted: August 04, 2019

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