Vampire Happiness

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The verse story about new meeting in forest

(The illustration made by DARYA KHLADKOVA from Moskow )


 I've been walking down plantation

Was as usual...everything was

I was feeling an cruel frustration

Have been wondering  how much I lost


Thought I could make it better right now...

But that's when the time's gone away l!

Haven't that days I figured it out

And have lost for forever these days!


Can't go back I. Can't now never

Diving deeper into my soul

Past is lost. Alas, for forever

Foolish that days of youth often were


The birch trees creak in agreement

But I'm happy now. I am?

“Don't waste time to your past miser”

The tree branches often me say


And the clouds wander beside me

And below them saw creaking frost

And they give me life-giving power

The dreams' magic all over the worlds


See the stranger, walking so near now

Who is it? I don't know...Tell who!

I am alone. Solitude’s laughing

And with it there is a full moon


Yeah, see clearly a full moon now

The full moon is looking at me

The snow falls down hard and in silence

Tells that future can't be foreseen


Felt I bites...And with them the pleasure

I see now much better world

I am here. It is the treasure

And here May came to my soul


Turned around I and at last noticed

An extremely beautiful face

The girl's bites became too hotter

Opened to me a gorgeous trace


The girl had a wonderful dressing  

And her hair as dark as a night

She is looking hellishly pleasant

She stood near to me by my side


Her gaze can be fallen and searing

Her lips touched me is passionate kiss

And right now much better are feelings

She dispelled my horrible mist


Fingers caressed my neck. I felt pleasure

She was searching where to bite

And right there I got where am I

In the own unique paradise


Pride! I say farewell to the liars

I rejected them from the first breath

All my life is some foolish satire...

Which disgusting was even to death...


With a girl everything differs greatly

Didn't meet her I here in vain

Love's looks now can understand I

Took away she at once all the pain...


Once again the vampire has bitten

She's the prettiest girl I've seen

For forever will be unforgiven

But it now for me nothing means


No betrayal of purpose, no tears

I crawled through all my life to this girl

I crushed obstacles here to meet her

Despite of she had no any soul!


Taking my hand she said very gently

Spoke to me in the pleasant voice

Was the happiest man, speaking frankly

'cause inside me all just rejoiced

“Haven't you given up. The rewarding

Is so close. Do feel it right now

Being coward is an awful road

Die alive you and lie so low”


Yeah, she spoke so kind and sweetly

And the wood sang us with a free wind

"It's the fate there that I have met you

Such a handsome guy I've never seen”


To the hell go they with the crowd

And the oak tree smiles for me

I will make you so happy right now

Darkness will us so pleasantly meet


"So go on"- continued talking

"Won't you dance right now with me?  

Or my charms aren't now working

Do you have your darkness within?"


I agreed in a moment. Right now

Started dancing we and felt in love

I felt paradise being inside us

My past life is only the dust


Leaves were flying above us. My fest’s here

I looked passionately into her eyes

We together will soon be the greatest

No death will make us apart


Stars in sky were shining so brightly

We were looking together at them

The reward that I was risky flightless

"Do have pleasure" - the stars gave command


Danced we under the moon until morning

And again after that the night starts

In reality - maybe, who knows

Tree has fallen, breaking my skull...

Submitted: October 21, 2022

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