Down the lane

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To express your love is the toughest job

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012



Thoughts so critical mind so still

It has been raining since morning wrapping a deep chill,

Drenched till bottom ignited by the fuel

Let us get together and start a duel,


Pretty is your face prettier is your soul

I won it all with no cheat and goal,

A walk in park along with a heart in cage

I needed it all with or without a rage,


Sin was swept over running around world

You looked at time and we twirled,

Hell was bent over to form a stage

You have it all along with sage,


Life is beautiful we have to enjoy it all

Live it high live it standing tall,

Rise up touch your heart and feel

Is it true?  Or just filmed in a reel,


World around you is true tonight

Seek emotions with evolving light,

Don`t stop now carry on the fight

True is you heart as it shines bright,

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