Night with a light

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Love all!!

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



I will give you my love every night! Never will I hide in the light

Happy and close you are in my arms, Never will I let you out of my sight

Pull me up, push me down! Rattle the skies with your smile and bright

All the fairy tales at your steps! Let me hold you and churn my mind in delight.


You make a day as good as night, there in the shining splendor you shine the brightest

Love the sensation when you call my name, I know you will sing out the words to fame

A certain poison needed to live I get in your eyes, I love the way you sing my name in between the game

It`s a constant thought ticking up in my mind, it`s only you playing strings the best.


Oh every time, you break the night, I only imagine what it will be like to have you around my chest

You goanna be my princess, I will be your king, I foresee a castle with a thousand stars

Got you playing in the stereo, turning up the love and thumping to the beats, we burn in love

Drop the curtain, raise your plush brows, wrapped in silk around my vest, we cuddle like dove.

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