The war

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A war between the kingdoms of a prince and princess that found a tragic end.

Submitted: March 05, 2015

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Submitted: March 05, 2015



A war had broken out between two kingdoms. There was a massive amount of knights coming to the princess' castle trying to win the war and enter her castle. The princess' kingdom had a strong defense and was able to destroy each attempt. She killed thousands before any of them could break into the castle. Once the fight was over the princess came out to assess the casualties. She saw thousands of knights laying there. She felt proud to have won the war. The war was far too long and had to end. The other kingdom just didn't have anymore knights to send. 

As she looked closer to each of the lifeless bodies laying before her kingdom she saw something odd. All these thousands of knights she had defeated were the same knight. She turned body after body and it was the same knight over and over and not one of them were holding weapons. Each knight had a rose in his hand. She couldn't figure out why. 

She then recognized each one of those knights as the prince of the other kingdom. Each one of those bodies defeated were the prince coming to hand the princess a rose. Each one died over and over with only one purpose. To hand her a rose. Thousands of times he didn't give up. Defeat after defeat, he had to try. The love he felt for the princess was worth the sacrifice, if he could only make it to her and she could see the rose in his hand the war would end. 

He never made it. She picked up the last body she defeated as it was dying and asked why? Why put yourself through this? I killed you so many times. Now you have nothing! Why sacrifice yourself to the end? 

The prince handed her the rose and said "because I love you"

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