Delicious Art of Their Own

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Blitz and Cheri visit an art gallery for kicks.

Submitted: May 13, 2011

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Submitted: May 13, 2011



-foul language ahead-

Going to something as boring as an Art Gallery wasn't his typical idea of a great time. Cheri didn't seem all too pleased to be around so many smelly, boring humans either. The two were both miserable, and not even the most amazing piece of artwork would change their foul moods.

“Blitz,” Cheri mumbled as she pointed toward one painting in particular, “what are those two humans doing?” The pinku turned away from the painting he was looking at to follow Cheri's finger. What she was pointing to was a typical smut painting. There was a man, a woman, and a fuck load of sex. Blitz grimaced. “They're fucking,” he said loud enough for a few people around him to hear. Cheri began to cackle. “You mean sex,” she said nonchalantly, “how disgusting.” - “Sex isn't so bad,” Blitz said with a shrug of his shoulders, “although I've never experienced it.” The female Demon turned to look up at the pink haired boy. “You've never been a part of a courting ritual?” she asked. Blitz gave her a weird look. “Uh, no?” he answered, “It isn't mandatory. I have better things to do.” Cheri, finding that hilarious, leaned into Blitz and cackled. Blitz glanced off to the side and groaned. They were becoming the center of attention, rather than the stupid art. “Can you keep your voice down?” Blitz asked, “People are beginning to stare.” Cheri took a step back and placed her hands behind her back. “Fine,” she hissed. She turned to stare at another boring painting. This time it was a sad looking puppy with cartoon eyes.

“That four-legged creature looks genuinely distraught,” commented Cheri, “I bet he'd taste delicious.”
“It's a fucking puppy,” Blitz spat, “you damn monster.”

Cheri chuckled and leaned into Blitz once more. “You know,” she grinned, “I bet you'd be great at human courtship.” Blitz didn't turn his head to look down at her. Instead, he closed his eyes and exhaled a sigh. “Okay, I'll humor you,” he muttered, “why?” The female Demon had to stand on her toes to whisper into Blitz's ear, “Because you're so violent and rough when you have to be.” The pinku glanced down at her with another strange look. “...Are you into bondage or something?” he asked.

“What's bondage?”
“You'd have to ask Kiki. She'd know.”
“You won't tell me what it is?”
“Fuck no.”

Cheri folded her lithe arms across her chest and scowled. “Stupid human,” she commented. “Weird demon,” Blitz muttered. The two turned to look at one another, and then shared a grin. “I wonder what you would taste like when distraught,” she mused aloud. Blitz shrugged his shoulders. “I'd probably taste so fucking good that you'd explode,” he muttered, “or something stupid like that.” Cheri took his hand in hers and licked it for what seemed like an eternity. She savored the almost bitter flavor. “I really want to eat you,” Cheri whispered, “like right now.” Blitz wasn't flustered at all. He was too bad-ass for that. “You can do whatever you want to me once we get back to my place,” he said with a frown. Cheri hugged his arm and brought him closer to her. “Anything?” she asked, “Because I'm curious as to how human courtship works.” The pink haired boy couldn't help but laugh. “Are demons normally this dirty?” he asked. “I don't understand your human sarcasm,” replied Cheri, “but I know you want me to say yes.” - “Good call,” Blitz said with a grin.

As they exited the gallery, a tendril of darkness reached over into some random person's pocket and stole a few bucks. Blitz retrieved the money with a mischievous smirk. He showed Cheri the loot, and she faked a swoon.

“What a bad hero you are,” she teased, “hurry and take me now. I may faint.”
“How about some ice-cream first?” he asked.
“Does it taste like deceit?” Cheri asked, “What about discomfort?”
“I think you should try something simpler,” Blitz suggested, “like chocolate.”
“Is that something vile?” the female Demon asked with a tilt of her head.
“Extremely,” Blitz answered.

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