With A 'Cheri' On Top

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Just a little fluff between 2 original characters of mine.

Summary: Cheri is spending a few days in the human world while her wounds heal. She finds Blitz's apartment with Neo's help, and proceeds to make the poor pinku's life a living Hell.

Rating: D for the disturbing shit Cheri thinks is funny. Also, L for language. Blitz and Cheri curse a lot. And M for mature, because Blitz and Cheri make out like pros.

Submitted: May 13, 2011

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Submitted: May 13, 2011



Oxygen is strange. The raven haired, gray toned humanoid creature inhales a large amount of said element through her nostrils. When she exhales a low growl is present. “It's strange at first,” said the taller male standing beside her, “breathing and trying to fake it. Do you want some pointers?” The blonde haired man smoked gingerly on his long pipe as he waited for an answer. He was wearing a kimono, a plethora of necklaces and chains, and hiking boots. Culture clash would have been an understatement. The female, dressed more socially acceptable, turned to grin up at the tall man. She flashed him all her teeth, which he noticed were as sharp as razor blades. Demons had a dangerous set of chompers.

“I'll be going now,” she said to Neo as she spun on her heel, “I'm going to pay Blitz a visit.” When she attempted to leave, Neo stopped her and placed a small hat onto her head. “You can't walk around without a disguise,” he told her, “you'd be taken to some-sort of human experimentation lab if you didn't.” Cheri snorted and reached up to touch the orange hat. She took notice of how soft it was, and only then was she comfortable with the idea of hiding her horns. “Orange is such a hideous color,” she commented sourly, “almost like those green eyes of yours.” Neo laughed.

“You're such a troublesome little girl. Tell Blitz I say hello when you see him.”

Cheri nodded eagerly before she began to skip down the sidewalk. Neo, somewhat worried for the well-being of his pink haired comrade, stepped back inside his shop and took a seat in one of his comfortable arm chairs. He motioned for something with his hand, which was greeted by the presence of a green haired child dressed in a Lolita dress. “Jasmine,” Neo mumbled, “go and fetch me my mirror. I'm slightly worried about what Cheri will do to Blitz when she sees him.”

“She'll probably comment on how ugly his hair is and hit him a few times.”

“True. Regardless, go and fetch it for me. It's my job as his guardian to make sure he's safe.”

Jasmine huffed before she left the room. Neo smoked on his pipe nonchalantly as he examined the fingernails on his left hand.

Cheri got lost a few times while on her quest to find Blitz's apartment. First she ended up at a fast food restaurant, then at a barbershop, and then a convenience store. She stood outside the store with an almost blank demeanor. Irritated, she glanced off to her right and took notice of an elderly human female struggling with her packages. The female demon snickered. Human pain was such a delicious sight to behold. She wanted to make Blitz feel that way. Her aloof grin then faded into an apathetic line. Hurting Blitz enough to make him scream out in pain was impossible. She knew because she had attempted such a thing before. Their first meeting went a little something like this: Blitz was the food and she was the one going to eat him. But he was so blasé about it that she just gave up and let him go. It wasn't fun torturing someone with mind games, and threatening to eat said person, when they weren't terrified at all. That was Blitz. He was never afraid. He was always so smug and proud; so strong and persevering. Cheri couldn't help but snarl as her sharp teeth met her bottom lip. She bled the most beautiful color in the universe.

Sometimes she hated Blitz, and other times she wanted nothing more than to just pounce on him and lick him all over. He was a strange human. He was more demon than he was human, in her opinion, which was why she was practically swooning when she managed to find his apartment and his room number. The woman at the desk seemed afraid of her for some reason when she asked for the pink haired boy's room. She assumed it was how all humans were. Weak, nervous, and soft voiced. Cheri snorted when she got the answers she needed and climbed the stairs. She could have taken the elevator, but she didn't know what an elevator was.

“Off I go to see the loser, off I go to see the loser,” sang the demon as she skipped up the stairs and down the hall. When she was in front of Blitz's door she reached for the knob and tried turning it. It didn't budge. She scowled. “Fucking piece of shit,” she said in a mock version of how Blitz would say it, “open, you motherfucker!” She was having fun impersonating Blitz. He had such a foul mouth, and the way he spoke only articulated said foul words. Cheri absolutely LOVED it. He was so deliciously rough.

When the door wouldn't open, Cheri simply tore the knob from its rough surface and pushed it open. She stepped inside, took one extremely long inhale, and exhaled. She was practically gushing. “So sweet is the taste of his scent on my tongue,” she said as though she was some famous human poet, “quickly, someone catch me before I faint!” She spun around once, then twice, and ended up in a pile of Blitz's dirty clothes on the floor beside his couch. She laughed like a fucking Hyena.

Curious, she reached for a shirt from the pile and inhaled its scent. It was orgasmic, his smell. It smelled like the most cruelest thing she could possibly think of, which made her squeal. She proceeded to roll around in his dirty laundry like a piglet in a pool of mud.

When Blitz did get home, the first thing he noticed wasn't his missing door, but Cheri asleep in a pile of his clothes. “What the fucking fuck,” he mouthed almost wordlessly. Dropping his bag in the hallway, Blitz stepped into his room and fixed his door. He then opened it, reached for his bag, and shut it. He'd get a knew doorknob later. Or not. He didn't give a fuck honestly.

Blitz walked up to Cheri's sleeping form and nudged her with his foot. He wasn't sure if it was either because of a dream or some-sort of reaction, but she grabbed his foot and squeezed it. He grimaced when he realized she wouldn't be letting it go any time soon. “Wake up,” he barked. She didn't budge. “Cherry,” he even used the nickname he had given her, “get your demon ass off my dirty clothes. For fuck sake, you're cuddling a pair of my boxers.” Cheri licked her lips. Blitz's right eye began to twitch. He was pretty sure he just had a brain aneurism.

“Say please,” grinned Cheri. Her eyes remained closed.

“Say 'Cheri, my darling, open those gorgeous dark eyes of yours and grace me with your dazzling gaze'.”

“Fuck no,” Blitz muttered in response, “how about you just do what I tell you and let up on my foot?” The pinku watched as Cheri brought his sneaker to her mouth and licked it. She made a pleasant face. “How wonderful,” she spat, “your human foot covering device is delicious.”

“You're such a freak.”

“You shouldn't grin when giving me such wonderful compliments,” Cheri said as she stared up into Blitz's hideous blue eyes, “you might make meblush. And then I'd have to kill you.” Blitz's grin didn't falter for even a moment. He bent down beside her as she released his foot from her grasp. “What are you doing here?” he asked. Cheri licked her lips once. “I came to perhaps nibble on you while you slept,” she said, “but I was the one that fell asleep instead. So I was napping in your pile of human filth. I felt right at home, Blitz.” Cheri shortened the distance between them and pressed her forehead against his. She stared into those blue eyes of his, and he stared back into her black, pupil-less voids. “Let me lick you just once, Blitz,” she asked, “I want to taste you again like I did the first time we met.”

“The first time we met was when you knocked me out with your stick-thing and hung me upside down from a rope over a burning fire, correct? Just making sure.”

“It was so romantic,” Cheri gushed. “No it wasn't,” Blitz said with a laugh, “you fucking freak of nature.” Cheri pinned the pinku then. She purposely straddled his waist, knowing well that it would get him all hot and bothered; such knowledge of human anatomy came from reading a few light novels Neo offered to let her borrow. The demon grinned a shark's grin as she waited for Blitz's facial expression to change. When it didn't, she grew upset and yanked on his pink hair. “Do something,” she growled, “make a face, groan, do SOMETHING.”

Like the smooth operator her was (not really), Blitz reached up for the hat on top of Cheri's head. He removed it and tossed it somewhere behind him. “That's better,” he said, “you look more like a monster to me when I see your horns.”

“Does that get your human hormones all in a jumble, Blitz?”


Cheri licked his lips only once before the two began to exchange a rough first kiss. She cut his tongue not once, but twice with her shark-like teeth. Cheri savored every last drop of blood she could consume while they kissed. When Blitz pulled away, she growled and went in for another taste. He dodged her like a pro however and rolled her over onto her back. Blitz opened his mouth and dangled his bleeding tongue inches away from her face in a mocking way. She snarled up at him, but with a grin.

“I can't take this anymore,” said Cheri, “smother me in your pitch black Darkness. I want to be SMOTHERED.”

This is the part of the story where Neo finally manages to get his mirror working, and stumbles onto the image of Blitz and Cheri smothering one another with their mouths. He is so amused that he drops his pipe and laughs up a fucking storm. Jasmine is standing beside him looking mortified. “W-What the fuck are they doing!?” she asks in utter awe.

“I believe they're about to do the two person tango,” Neo said with a wide grin, “or whatever human children refer to as sex these days.”

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