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Break ups are hard.

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011





Well? What! What do you want from me? How can I take you seriously when you don’t treat me like a person?


Feelings and emotions are something you seem to lack. Your personality’s void and I’d give you some slack if this was the first time, but NO, it’s not the first time! No, and I’m sick and I’m tired of you always using me, I’m afraid right now and I’d rather be free. I’m bound by this stupid teaming and otherwise, I wanna be the queen of my multiverse without you in my life. It’s the way you are you say, no it’s not the way, you’re grinding on my mind and it’s starting to decay.

I want out man, that’s all you need to know, it wouldn’t be this way if there was something you could show. 150% I put in for this to work, turned out to have very little worth.

You’re so vain, egotistical, shallow, undermining. Subliminally attacking my mind with tortuous findings. You don’t care about me, I care about you, and it’s all simple plain livin’ in this big old world of blue. If we parted right now, we could be ourselves, away from the oppression and this relationship hell. One day I might want you back but you gotta do a bit of growing up, and please don’t say you’ll change cause we both know our time together will suck. A fucking waste of time, is that just what you want?


I know I have my own faults. I know I’m not the greatest, not the best. But I’ve always cared. Always been there. Where were you?



“I felt forced into our relationship” –Thanks

“I learned to love you” – Great

“Lauren’s my new best friend” – I am crushed

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